August 19, 2002


I know I don't usually write about things like this, but it is noteworthy and it's about time I wrote another entry.

On Saturday I went to AFO! For those of you that aren't part of the Floridian Anime Geek caste, AFO stand for Anime Festival Orlando and it is the closest anime convention to where I live. Also, it happened to be the first convention for anything I have ever been to.

Because I am at that just barely pre-job stage in my life, money is hard to come by. As is usually the case when I am trying to save up for something, some large (relatively large anyway) impulse buy coms along and squanders my cash. After the admission fee I had 18 bucks in my pocket. I bought a hamburger and a 12 dollar wall scroll. I left with 75 cents. (It didn't help that the burger was $4)

Next year I will have had a job. Fwahahahahaha!

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