November 30, 2002

Shrieking primates (Real AND Animatronic)

Elder's log - Date:1834579872583274...ummm...873937627622685801 (pant)

We have seen hell and back...

(The people responsible for the above ripoff haven't been sacked...damn union. But we put them on another project...FROM HELL!)

So anyway, we went and met a bunch of bloggers at the Rainforest Cafe. See my father's entry here for more specific information.

So anyway, the highlights:
1. We waited outside for exactly 2 and a half eternities. (For those of you who don't know the eternal time conversion system, 1 eternity=100000000 really long times=1999999999999999999997 long times)

2. We were seated at separate tables...until Robyn got in the face of a manager. We were promptly seated a little closer to each other. (UNDER THE ANIMATRONIC APES!!!)

3. I must repeat myself for emphasis: we were seated under animatronic apes that went off every three minutes.

4. We had the greatest waiter EVER!

5. Yvonne had a fruity drink THEN Bacardi 151 and coke. Obviously, she got drunk. I've never really had much experience with drunk people (if any at all)...very funny. This was the REAL highlight of the evening as she hugged the waiter and Statia enough to satisfy even the most cuddly person in the world.

6. The "Rasta Pasta" that my dad got was delicious.

That's about it. A fun experience with a bunch of other geeks.

P.S. One of the topics of conversation was how cute the little boy next to me was. "He's gonna be a heartbreaker." was heard often. I believe that something similar was said about me when I was a kid. And look how I turned out...I've never even HAD someone's heart to break. (I never would anyway, I'm too much of a romantic*)

*romantic=desparate wuss

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November 26, 2002


The energy man...the energy!

I'm rarely a happy energetic person...I have been for the last few days though.
No idea why...maybe someone is injecting me with drugs while I sleep (We're all looking at you DaProber!).

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I believe the conversations I have in my daily life are far more interesting than the ones you have in your pathetic lives. Therefore, to brighten your day, I have decided to share one with you:

WTE: I'm going to the Rainforest Cafe on Friday to eat with bloggers.
Ark: Really?
WTE: Yeah, I get to eat with a bunch of people I don't know with blogs I have never read.
Ark: Oh (He is a man of few words...I guess)
WTE: It doesn't help that the only blogs I read are yours, DaProber's, Becky's, my sister's, Solonor's, and my own. (Yes, I DO speak in hyperlinks)
Ark: Heh (Is he a man of few words or am I just making up a response? The world may never know.)
WTE: Yeah, we're the underground blogs.
Ark: Doesn't that make us the underground of the underground?
WTE: Isn't that above ground on the other side?
Ark: Yeah, maybe we're really popular in China!
WTE: People probably see us on the news all the time there!
Ark: Heheh
WTE: I have to put this in my blog...

And there you have it, a piece of conversationalism that you wouldn't believe.
You DON'T believe you?

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November 24, 2002

Temp problems

My room cannot stay at a good temperature. It's either a sauna or just a smidge above absolute zero.

AND WE LIVE IN FLORIDA!! What's up with that?

Management would like to apologise for the lack of 'funny' in the previous rant.

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November 22, 2002

Google is awesome!!

A few minutes ago I put Clown Jesus Hippie into Google...
This is what came up. I was supprised that I actually found something to do with Godspell, which is the thing I was looking for.

To understand my reaction you must know that I am not a very religious person in the first place...
I have religion but I prefer to keep it personal
I also LOATHE religious fanaticism.

So reaction:
"WHAT THE....?"
This was followed by a long series of laughs as I continued to read it.

Even though I loathe religious fanaticism, I love it as well.
I loathe the idea...not the practice

I find religious fanaticism REALLY funny...REALLY REAAAALLY funny.

I don't even like the movie that much, I was just looking to find out the name of it. I just like the idea of a Clown Jesus Hippie musical.

Please read the site...and oh yeah, watch the's funny too.

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My requisite blog

If you read this blog regularly (as regularly as it is possible to read THIS one) you may have noticed that I usually shoot words into the computer twice when I do it at all.

So here is the second one for the day...


Thank you.

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And the silence was broken

The following blog entry may be quite rambling...or not. The reason for this is:

The reason fo-*bumbadabum*...NOT YET!
*bumbadabum*...Oh now you're just being silly...qui-*bumbada-BANG*

Now that that's taken care of I can tell you the reason for the ramblage or lack thereof in the following entry.
Many factors are contributing to it...The fact that I have no idea what I'm going to write...I have two hours to goof off...I am listening to Rob Zombie...I just realized it's my sister's birthday...and most importantly: I HAVEN'T WRITTEN ANYTHING GOOD IN A LOOOOONG TIME.

Random words might be the way to go here so without further delay:

1. Monkey
2. Orangutan
3. Tweedle (Many will argue that this isn't a word. If you are one of these people...screw you!)
4. Irate
5. Spatula
6. Tract
7. Did I mention monkey?
8. I'm running on empty here
9. Must...rack...brain
10. Umm...doom?

The following is the greatest word that has ever spewed from the mouth of a mortal (if you have a heart condition or are a pregnant woman you probably shouldn't read the following word...don't say I didn't warn you)


Well that was fun, wasn't it?
How are your eyes holding up?
A quick test to see if your eyes have fallen out:
1. Can you read this sentence? (If no: You're eyes are broken go on to question three. If yes: Go on to question two)
2. Have your eyes fallen out? (If yes: Your eyes have fallen out)
3. Since you can't read this sentence I'm just going to SAY there's a profound question here... (If no: You are a squirrel hating, baby kicking, puppy eating, gleeble shooting meanie. If yes: You are a squirrel loving, baby saving, puppy wasting, gleeble stabbing yesman/ shame in that)

Meet Kirlie
Kirlie is a goldfish
Goldfish spend their time in a mixture of water and their own waste
Kirlie is not a pig
Pigs spend THEIR time reading books by Dickens
Kirlie doesn't like pigs...they suck
If Kirlie was a pig he would shoot himself
The joke's on Kirlie...Kirlie really IS a pig
Kirlie was abandoned as a baby and raised in the wilderness by a family of goldfish
Good thing pigs can't fire guns, eh?
But Kirlie is a DETERMINED pig-who-until-recently-thought-he-was-a-goldfish
Kirlie WILL find a way to shoot himself no matter what!
In two weeks Kirlie will be arrested
......for indecent exposure
Pigs don't wear clothes
Stupid pig...


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November 13, 2002

Notice: All minions report to the following blog entry

Ark is usually a very calm person...
This morning, however, that changed. He is now a nervous wreck who is constantly twitching and looking around on the ground.

We believe that the cause of his current condition is the loss of his dear Pen-Pen Pin. We always made jokes about a Pen-Pen Pin Pen-Pen Pen that we could make by attaching the Pen-Pen Pin to a Pen-Pen Pen thus making the ultimate peice of NGE merchandise!!

But I stray from the topic at hand...
The point of this is as follows:
Ark NEEDS some NGE memorabilia to keep him sane while we find a suitable replacement.

Also...I needed to update the blog.

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November 11, 2002

Two unfunny blog entries for the price of one!

First Unfunny Blog Entry:

I finally got around to adding the blogs of DaProber and Ark to the links list.

Second Unfunny Blog Entry:

Check out Ark's blog entry for Monday, November 11, 2002...

*sob*so beautiful

Unfortunately his blog doesn't allow for comments.

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November 05, 2002

l33t d1z34z3

Not much time...l33t t4|<1|\|g 0\/3r...NO!

I can't hold back for yourselves!

ph33r |\/|1 ph0r 3y3 4|\/| 4 l33t z0|\/|b13 !

Never...I fear no l33t

t|-|15 |\/|4y b3 tr|_|3 b|_|t j00 c4|\||\|0t r|_||\| f0r3\/3r...t|-|3
p0\/\/3r 0f l33t c0|\/|p3l5 j00!

GAHHH!! No, l33t demon! I will not allow you to take me over!

t|-|4t5 l33t d3|\/|0|\| j00 1d10t ! 4|\|d 3y3 d0 |\|0t |\|33d j00r p3r|\/|155i0|\|...j00r 50|_|l 15 |\/|1|\|3 !


Eww, you got pea soup on me! How could you have known it was my weakness!!

Ha! Don't mess with pea soup, demon! Okay, its safe to read my blog again...I think.

t|-|3 3|\|d...?

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Ahhh, programming

I am currently going through my FAVORITE class of the day: Programming.

It is quite relaxing to just sit here while the other people (excluding DaProber, of course) struggle to understand Visual Basic.

We have been on the same chapter for two weeks. It includes For...Next loops which, for some reason, people just can't seem to grasp.

By no means is this a complaint, however. I really do enjoy sitting here waiting for the occasional neurons to fire in people's brains...


Again, this is not a complaint.

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November 03, 2002

A new form of torture

Recently I have been obsessed with webcomics/manga.
Such as:
MegaTokyo, Sluggy Freelance, 8-bit theatre, Sinfest, and Life of Riley

So, what does this mean for you, the reader? Nothing yet, however, plans are being made for a webcomic! Yes one of my friends suggested a stickfigure webcomic and asked me to help with it.

Now I can torture you with words AND badly drawn pictures of stickmen!

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November 01, 2002

.01% more updates!

After many hours of hard thought, (Hard thought is a funny term isn't it? Technically I COULD be hard at thought while doing anything.) I have decided that I have to update this blog more often. Therefore, I have started my new updating policy!!!

Anything I write is blogworthy. No matter how much people beg me to stop, I must go on. Otherwise people will get bored.
If I write a list of names I've never heard before, PUT IT ON THE BLOG!
If I type somthing along the lines of, "monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, MONKEY!!!!" PUT IT ON THE BLOG!
If I pound my head on the keyboard a few times, PUT IT ON THE BLOG!

This will hopefully keep people from ending up as empty, lifeless, shells because of boredom. I wouldn't want that on my resume...yet.

On second thought...eye peeling posts full of the word "monkey" aren't too good either. Maybe I'll just continue to post the good stuff. (Translated: Maybe I'll just continue to post when I feel like it.)

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