December 30, 2002

A week later...

The rest of my family has gone off to St. Augustine and left my sister and I to fend for ourselves. For those of you who don't know, St. Augustine is a really old city in Florida.

So here I am, stuck at home with my sister for the entire day...I think I shall further seclude myself by staying in my room all day so as to not have to deal with her.

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December 23, 2002

Big City Relatives

Ejen and Snowgirl are here!

If you've read the comments on Solonor's blog then you should know Ejen. I believe Snowgirl/Snowoman comments there from time to time, as well.

Anyway, they are my aunt and uncle from my old home town of Bangor, Maine.(Well, my old home town was Brewer if you want to get technical but no one knows where that is.)

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The Great Pandemic

Ugh...sick...just got up...

This is gonna turn into The Great Cold pandemic of 2002-2003.
How you may ask?

Well, lets go over the facts:
Someone brought the cold to my small school...
Everyone in the school got it...(just in time for break)
Many at the school are going on vacation...
I can't go into specifics for the other people, but I will tell you what I've done over the past few days...(while sick and spreading the cold like a basselope spreads butter on pop tarts*)
On Saturday I went over to Rob's (One of the aliasless ones, see last post) house. He was already sick since he goes to my school so it didn't really matter.
Last night we went to pick up my aunt and an AIRPORT!
I sat around in the airport coughing and sneezing, leaving no one and nothing untouched by the plague I carry...
Assuming people were there to DO something, all the people at the airport were either going someplace or waiting for someone...
The people going places are now off in other parts of the world with the cold...
A domino effect will bring the disease to the rest of the world causing worldwide laziness and inconveniences for a few weeks.

*If you don't get this then buy some Bloom County books (or don't and continue to think it's completely original and that I'm a genius)

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December 22, 2002

You will notice that I don't like to refer to people using their real names if at all possible. (Yes, you WILL notice that!)

I don't do this because I respect people's privacy, I just do it because it's fun.
However, I don't have names for everyone and that saddens me greatly. Anyone on this list should comment with the name to which they wish to be referred. (Don't you just LOVE the English language? Don't end a sentence with a preposition, my *CONTENT EDITED BECAUSE WHINY SAID 'ASS'*!)

If you aren't on this list then tell me.
If you are on this list and you don't read my blog then...SCREW YOU! (Sounding a bit like Pepperkat now...that ALSO saddens me greatly)

John (HA! Like he'd read this. I'll just give him the default name of 'Sir Dumpy'.)

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December 21, 2002


Apparently, I can't keep away from the blog even when I'm at someone elses house.

Here I am posting about nothing because I feel like posting something...
Don't worry, it's not like I'm ignoring him. He's gone at the moment.

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Oh wait, I DID do something last night

I saw The Two Towers last night.

Quick review:

Less quick review:
Pretty good. I especially liked the depictions of Gollum's insanity and his inner dialogue.

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Gah! Three blank days!

How could I let the quality of my work slip so much! (Okay, so it's not quality. It was always this bad, but now there's less of it.)

I didn't post anything three days in a row...and I STILL don't have anything to write.

Exam week + kinda sick = 0 blog posts

Well, I'll hopefully have something to write about when my aunt and uncle get here tomorrow.

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December 17, 2002

My letter

I sent off my letter to Santa yesterday. It'll hopefully be answered and up on the blog pretty soon. Don't worry, you'll probably be able to tell which one's mine if you read this regularly.

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December 16, 2002

Santa's got a blog. And it ROCKS!

My dad just showed me this group blog he just found out about and is now a part of.

I can't really describe it...and don't forget to read the comments.
Santa Claus' Blog

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December 15, 2002


I appologize for the last wasn't funny.

I just thought it was about time I put something on here that DOESN'T have to do with monkeys.

So to make up for it:


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G'night world

No other thing to type but g'night world.

When I wake up there'll still be crap...
There'll still be war, hunger, poverty, and overpopulation

I hope....

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December 14, 2002

Just a quickie

The following story is true* but the names have been changed to protect the inocent.

Person A: I went to pick up my jacket and it was wet. I don't wear anything that is more than 0.01% moist.

Person B: Well, I don't wear anything that's ever had contact with water I wear them straight from the store.

Person C: You get your clothes from a store? How do you know they've been dry since production? I have all my clothes custom made in a clean room.

*I was told that something is true if you just believe in it. So, all you have to do for this to be true is to believe...

One day every year my sister, my father, and my perpetually grey clad self go out and scour the greater Orlando area for only the greatest of Christmas presents for my mother. Today is that day. The crowds ARE dangerous but I firmly belive that we can beat them back just as we have every year.

This year will be a toughie though, we forgot to buy the holy water for when we go into he mall.

Well, I'm off to kick Christmas' ass!

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December 13, 2002

Okay, so it wan't my LAST entry

My English teacher had the class do expository essays. I decided to write what I know and all through writing it I was thinking, "I have to put this on the blog."

What a geek, eh?

Well, here it is for your reading pleasure...

The Unending Design Project

To avoid misinforming you, I must say the following: If you are looking for instructions on how to design and publish a game then you are certainly looking in the wrong place. These instructions are in noo need of the publishing part because, as the title states, with this method you will never finish the design part. That having been said, read the following paragraphs and enjoy my dilemma.
The ingredients of an unending design project are mostly intangible; however, this doesn't make them any less important. In order to not complete the game you must have: two good ideas, lots of distractions, something to record your ideas on, and a hard table. Once you have these items you are ready for an exercise in futility.
First, you should become interested in one of the ideas. Think that it is the best idea you have ever had. Secondly, record everything you can think of that has to do with the idea. Next, over the period of several weeks, use the distractions as excuses to not write anymore. After you have forgotten all but the most important details of the first idea, you should become interested in the second idea. Think that IT is the best ideea you have ever had. Shortly after that, you should lose all interest in the first idea and completely forget about it. If you remember the first idea after the last step then simply bang your head against the table for a few minutes or until you forget all about it.
In order to make this process go more smoothly you should follow the following guidelines. There are several things you can use to record your ideas, however, the best one by far is a computer. A computer offers many capabilities in addition to recording. It supplies an almost infinite amount of distractions and you can get rid of your work by deleting it, either on purpose or by accident. For the table, I suggest a hardwood desk carved out of one piece of wood. This way, at least, you'll be hitting your head in style. In order to help you forget things, your ideas should have absolutely nothing in common.
Follow these instructions and you should have no problem never finishing a game. If you want to know how to finish a game then you should check back with me in a few years. By then I may have figured out how and I will gladly tell you.

Heres the part where you don't laugh and you leave a flaming comment.

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December 12, 2002

What may be my last entry

Yay! I just found out that someone I know reads my blog without me asking her to! (Or at least she did at one point)

So, even though she'll probably kick my ass for posting this, everybody wave to the noncommenting person who got here through Ark's blog.

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December 11, 2002


Bouncy bouncy bouncy bounce!

Being in a bouncy mood is fun. Sometimes it gets annoying though.

So for the sake of those around me I try to make myself less bouncy by listening to 'goth' music. Problem is...I only have two things that I consider to be 'goth' music and I can still bounce around to those!

One Marilyn Manson song that I like: 'The Beautiful People' (Bouncy song)
One Slayer song...period: 'God Send Death' (Highly violent...bouncy)

The only chance I have is to reach for Apocalyptica and all seven minutes of 'Master of Puppets'...even though it's bouncy it's length makes up for it.

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December 09, 2002

This is what happens when you give in to peer pressure.

My father moved to a different server. As far as I can see there was no reason other than the fact that he knows other people that use it.

Take a look at the homepage to find out what havoc the server change has wreaked.

Luckily, the only change for me is that I have to put my links back in.

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December 06, 2002

Familial Ties

For some reason, with all my adding of links, I forgot to put my sister's and father's on there. (I guess I just assumed you knew about them if you read this.)

This mistake has now been remedied. Those responsible (aka: myself) have been flogged.

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December 05, 2002

A shocking event

I just found out that one of my best friends is in the hospital with a broken leg. This really sucks for him because he has a broken leg. (duh!)
It really sucks for me because I probably won't be seeing him for a while due to the fact that I don't have any clue where he is.

Will Jamal (he is aliasless for the moment)recover?
Will Marsha and John elope?
Will we allow anything to happen on this show as long as it boost ratings?
Find out next time on...As My Head Expands

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December 04, 2002

Screw my OWN comment war...

This is much better.

This has made me realize that responding to OTHER people's flaming comments can be just as rewarding as responding to my own.

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December 03, 2002

Comment War!

DaProber has officially declared a comment war!

The battles will most likely take place on my blog...yet one has already begun on his. He's one of the weirdest bloggers I know so I'm digging in for a tough one.

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December 02, 2002

My most risque blog yet (And THAT'S saying something)

Whenever I go through a line at the grocery store I can't help but notice that along with one of my favorite periodicals, The Weekly World News, there are several magazines targeted at women.

Many of these say things like:
Super Sexy Issue
The #1 Sex Secret He Wants To Know About You
12,000 Sexy Things He's Dying For You To Do In Bed

Y'know, being male makes me curious a about whether they got it right or not.
Come to think of it...What sex secret DO I want to know about women?
How do THEY come up with the answer if even I don't know?
and perhaps most importantly...
There are 12,000 things I'm dying for a woman to do in bed!!?

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New links

The title says it all...

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December 01, 2002

My worst fears have become reality

I just looked at my last few blog entries, and I couldn't help but shudder.

My beautiful little blog is becoming...a....a JOURNAL! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO^298!

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Out to the cinema

The family went to the movies (YAY!)
We went to see The Santa Clause 2 (OH DEAR GOD NO!)

When I first went into the movie I thought it was going to be the crappiest peice of crap that ever crapped it's way out of a crap box.

I was wrong...mostly.

I like movies. Movies are inherently good.
They start out on the positive side and have to work their way to the negative.
This one didn't make it.
It put up a pretty good fight though.

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