April 30, 2003

Attempts at malldom

It's a sad state of affairs when Hot Topic runs out of black nailpolish.

They were out last night thus keeping me from getting the most important thing I went to the mall for. The other thing I wanted to get was a precon deck of Magic Cards.

Kay-bee toys:
Clerk: "Magic....Cards?"
Whiny: "Yes"
Clerk: "You mean Yu-Gi-Oh?"
Whiny: "No!"
Clerk: "Why not? Everybody likes Yu-Gi-Oh"
Whiny: "Not me"
Clerk: "Get out of my store!"

Electronics Boutique:
Whiny: "Do you have magic cards?"
Clerk: "Yep, we've got Legions and Odyssey..."
Whiny: "Hmm"
Clerk: "Booster packs! FWAHAHAHAHAAA!...Here, I'll just charge you for some hella expensive Yu-Gi-Oh boosters."

Whiny: Where's the nailpolish...
Pepperkat: Here it is, but I don't see any black.
Clerk: We don't carry black nailpolish...get out, you freaks!

Before entering Rave:
Pepperkat: I doubt they'll have anything black there, it's all too colorful.
Whiny: I don't think Rave is a store, it's just a gallery for people on ecstasy.

After exiting Rave:
Whiny: Wow, Emily, your skin is still glowing from those fluorescent lights.
Pepperkat: I feel sick

Limited Too:
Clerk: Why would you want nailpolish, you're a boy?
Whiny: Because I like black nailpolish
Clerk: Black? They make that?
Whiny: ...
Clerk: Go to Claire's they sell real colors, like pink, there.

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April 20, 2003

One wonders why I don't watch professional wrestling

Yesterday we went to Medieval Times with Ric the Schmuck and his family. It was actually pretty enjoyable.


They had dungeon filled torture equipment. Naturally, since it was the only thing worth going in it costs two bucks. We didn't enter...I bet they even had a whack too...

A delightfully predictable show with some wonderful fake combat. Y'know, I might just start watching professional wrestling considering it's pretty much the same thing. I heard some funny stuff about it from Ric the Schmuck that gives me another reason to watch it.

I think I'll probably forget everything about it except for the following.
"Put him on ze whack!!"
"No! Not the rack, anything but that!"
"Not RACK, whack. Do you think I have a speech impediment or something?"

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April 11, 2003

My butt...is cured!

Yayayayayayayayay! My ass no longer hurts!
My lower back has been hurting for at least the past week when I do things such as: Run, jump, bend down, sit, eat, sleep, read a book, think, breathe, and yell, "STOP HURTING!!" at my ass.

As the title and the first line of the entry have implied, it doesn't anymore!
When I first suspected that it didn't hurt I had to run some tests (Jumping, running, bending over, and throwing myself at my sister's wall)
To celibrate my newfound painlessness I ran through the house screaming, "My butt is okay! My butt is okay!"

I think I'll go ding-dong ditch my sister's room now...

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April 04, 2003

My new favorite site!

If you have ever wondered, "Am I going to hell? And if so, why?" then you should be at least mildly interested in this site.


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