October 31, 2003

glass umbrella

horse yokel orange ingrate blathe moon quath norse worm butt zany words uranus looks trojan err pen emotion vole standing joking xylophone goonie boon awe car

Thus concludes my random word post for Ashley.

Oh yeah...monkey

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October 11, 2003

Underworld or "More Blasphemy From WTE"

I just got back from finally seeing underworld.
The poster made me want to see it.
The trailer made me really want to see it.
The movie made baby Jesus cry.

My reasoning:
1. No villain should ever say "Time to die" if he is to be taken seriously
2. "Leave us"..."leave us"...."leave us"
3. Falling gets old...as awesome as the first one is, the same thing over and over again doesn't work as well.
4. Half-and-half is never as good as milk or cream. The whole "half-something and half-something else but stronger than both" thing is cliched.
5. Lichen is a fungus! (as far as I know) Is it that hard to add one syllable to make people not picture moss when you're talking about a killing machine?

The worst thing about it was that I thought it would be awesome.
I thought, "Wow, a world of darkness movie! That's gonna rule!"


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October 07, 2003

Ready for some blasphemy?

Oh my freakishly deformed tapdancing God, I think I might actually finish a game.

I've gotten farther than I've ever gotten before. I'm ready to begin alpha testing.

1. Idea - check
2. Immediate Response - check
3. Year-long wait - check
4. Actual work - check
5. Alpha Test -
6. Find out that the rules are screwed up -
7. Fix them -
8. Rules consumed in fire -
9. Weeping -
10. "Why, God, why?" -
11. "Because you said I dance tap when you know it's really ballet." -

See? I'm almost halfway there.

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