January 15, 2004

Funny and Talented

Well, I'm a recording artist. I'm also a dumbass. But most of all, I'm a fool.

Today I got inspired and wrote a song. (Which turns out to be really easy if the lyrics don't mean anything.) I wanted to record it before its spirit left my head. And after much worry about my dad's data still being on the mixing board I consulted THE MANUAL.

THE MANUAL indicated to me that the board could hold more than one song. I didn't even think that we might not have enough space on the card.

When my father got home I thought he was going to disown me because we did, in fact, not have enough space on the card.

When we got home from Miracle (which was good for a sports movie), he and my mother listened to my song and much laughing did occur. So I guess I'm going to live to see another day.

The moral: Don't piss your dad off by making an entire night's work fruitless unless you're confident that you have talent like mine. (Yes, of course they can read sarcasm.)

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January 08, 2004

Ha Ha, I'm so funny

What do you get if you separate a group of crows?

An attempted murder

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January 03, 2004

Kick Ass in its many forms

Well, I've decided to write a belated review of The Last Samurai which I saw on the 31st/1st.

First and foremost, it kicks ass.
But what kind of ass does it kick and what does the actual kicking? Let's break it down, shall we?

It kicks history's ass by being the most awesome portrayal of the coolest time and place in history since the Shogun mini-series.

Tom Cruise kicks acting's ass by being great at it despite what anyone says.

It kicks the audience's ass (especially mine) throughout the whole movie.

It kicks drama's ass by actually having a story.

Finally, it kicks action's ass with a couple of the coolest action scenes I've seen in a long time. Personally, I liked them better than anything in either of the final two Matrix movies.

On a nigh unrelated note, Disgaea kicks ass by being so damn awesome in almost every way.

There you have it. Just what kicks ass about The Last Samurai.

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