• JustAGirl
    Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 at 08:49 | #1

    That’s pretty sad — even I went to a spring training game this year. What’s become of you??!!

  • Ric the Schmuck
    Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 at 09:13 | #2

    I was reluctant to embrace Bud’s Folly, but after watching bit’s n pieces of different games, I’m at least interested enough to follow the results online. And to stop and watch a little bit now and again.

    Not just the US team. The other night I was watching Korea and Mexico, and it was pretty neat. And the Puerto Rico/Dominican game was cool, too.

    I just hope no one loses a season due to injury. They ought to do this in November.

  • Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 at 12:33 | #3

    I gave up on baseball when the Phillies lost to the O’s in the world series.

  • Ric The Schmuck
    Thursday, March 16th, 2006 at 20:32 | #4

    OK, I can’t belive I about to say this….

    I want the US Team to lose, and I want it to happen right away.

    This has become embarrasing in the extreme. Not only was there a questionable call in our favor in the Japan game, but as I watch the US/Mexico game, I want to puke.

    Mexico had a player hit a ball that CLEARLY hit the right field foul pole. Home Run, right? Nope, not in this game. Somehow the umpires didn’t see it hit the pole, 15 FEET UP THE POLE FROM THE GROUND, and awarded the hitter second base. Understand, the wall in right field is only about 4 feet high…… so the batter gets a ground rule double?

    Bull puckey. We look bad. We look like the arrogant spolied Americans that the rest of the world thinks we are.

    I wanted to root for our guys. And I have been. And Roger is pitching tonight, in what may be his last game ever. Now more of this crap.

    ***UPDATE*** At least the batter got driven in, two batters later. Some karma in their favor of a true baseball game, at least….

  • Ric The Schmuck
    Friday, March 17th, 2006 at 08:20 | #5

    Now that I went and ranted about that, and the US actually did lose, I’m kinda disappointed by it. Make up my mind, wouldya? 🙂

    Incidentally, the umpire that screwed up the Home Run call last night….yup, the same (American) umpire that messed up the call in the Japan game.

    At least Jason Varitek and Mike Timlin can get back to the Red Sox now!

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