Star SP Arwaun Settles on Isengard

Sunday, January 30th, 2039
The Raiders and Diador Arwaun reached an accord earlier today which brings the starting pitcher to town for 5 years.

Arwaun will pocket $54,000,000 total and is widely expected to contribute significantly to the club’s playoff drive.

In his career Arwaun has fanned 1224 batters and walked 491 in 1408 innings of work. His lifetime won-lost record is 99 victories and 63 defeats with a 3.18 ERA and opposing hitters have compiled a .232 against him.

Boroden Seen at Local Soup Kitchen

Thursday, January 20th, 2039
The SP for the Bree Cheese was spotted yesterday at the city’s largest soup kitchen. Boroden is widely regarded as a fan favorite in Bree. Workers at the soup kitchen weren’t surprised when Edmund Boroden arrived and put in a few hours of volunteer work. Said one worker, “Edmund is a really down to earth guy – folks see him dishing out the soup and a big smile comes over their faces.”

Mirkwood Inks Star RP to $17,000,000 Deal

Sunday, January 16th, 2039
There was a buzz in the air today as news broke of Mirkwood finalizing a deal with star reliever Galailbo Earbelly.

The deal, worth an estimated $17,000,000 over 8 years, is being hailed by media analysts and could be a popular one with the Mirkwood fans. The consensus is that Earbelly will contribute a lot to the team.

Mirkwood Wins Lottery for RP Tinond

Sunday, January 16th, 2039
Rumors of a deal between Elendil Tinond and Mirkwood finally bore fruit today as the two sides faced a packed press corps. Sylvan officials looked very pleased as they outlined the terms of the new deal.

Tinond will earn $1,600,000 per year for 6 years. He is expected to be a solid addition to his new club.

Over his career Tinond has a 20-13 won-lost record with a 2.64 ERA. In 268 games he has recorded 53 saves, and the 29-year-old has fanned 223 batters in 279.1 innings.

It’s Official: RP Even Signs with Uruk-hai

Thursday, January 13th, 2039
Talk of a deal between Dead Marshes and Aldo Even came together today as the two sides inked a deal worth $20,100,000 over 3 years.

Even is highly regarded around Tolkien Baseball for his talents and is expected to add that extra spark to the Uruk-hai roster.

In his career Even has put up a 2.72 ERA and fanned 318 hitters in 344.2 innings. His career record stands at 24-15 with 41 saves.

Veteran Eliolas, Moria Complete Deal

Thursday, January 13th, 2039
Moria has come to an agreement with hard working starting pitcher Galugol Eliolas which will keep the 35-year-old in town for 3 years and pay out $57,800,000.

Moria fans, although somewhat skeptical of his age, figure to be pleased when they see Eliolas at the park early every day for practice.

So far in his career Eliolas has 234 wins and 105 losses and a 2.89 ERA.

*UrukBane Rumored to be Dating Pop Star

Wednesday, January 12th, 2039
Eormenred *UrukBane of the Carrock Bears is reportedly keeping company with singer Gracie Ettincrawler. The couple has been spotted recently at various clubs, concerts, and restaurants, as well as a number of public functions. Asked whether the two were involved romatically, *UrukBane said he and Ettincrawler were ‘just good friends’. “We’re just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company at the moment,” said the 28-year-old starting pitcher. However, when pressed as to whether their relationship might become more serious in the future, *UrukBane seemed to dodge the question. “Right now, I’m really just focused on baseball and helping the Carrock Bears win games,” he remarked, with a sly grin.

Veteran RF Brockhouse Settles on Miners

Wednesday, January 12th, 2039
Carly Brockhouse stepped before the podium this afternoon with Moria officials flanking him on both sides as he doffed the Miners cap and announced he’d reached an agreement to play in Moria for 3 years.

The deal, an estimated $27,800,000 in total, is widely seen as a positive move for an organization and an upgrade.

Brockhouse boasts a career batting average of .263 with 1619 hits, 253 homers and 934 RBIs.

It’s Official: LF Gamamir Signs with Sylvan

Tuesday, December 28th, 2038
The euphoria surrounding a big-name deal can sometimes overshadow the deal itself. Occasionally a team will mortgage its future to make a big splash, though no one in Mirkwood was worried about that today as the club finalized terms with Yrneha Gamamir.

Gamamir will earn $10,000,000 per year over 8 years.

Moria Wins Lottery for CL Chiselmasher

Tuesday, December 28th, 2038
The Miners today announced that they have come to terms with Voilin Chiselmasher, a 30-year-old closer they’ve been scouting for a while.

Chiselmasher will earn $3,520,000 a year over 2 years and is expected to play a key role with the club.

Chiselmasher has 122 saves over his career with a 20-20 record and a 3.02 ERA.