Mirkwood Takes Two Towers Series

Saturday, November 1st, 2036
Despite the best efforts of Katie Simbelmyne, the Mirkwood Sylvan have won the Two Towers Series.

The Minas Tirith Titans standout was named series MVP, even though her team lost to Mirkwood 5-1 in the final game, and dropped the series 4-2.

“Hats off to them, they deserve to be moving on,” Simbelmyne said at Elrod Stadium at Finrod Field after being awarded his MVP trophy. “I just wish I could trade this trophy in for a chance at the Return of the King Series.”

For their part, the Sylvan celebrated long into the night, as they are now set to move on to the Return of the King Series.

The Mirkwood Sylvan will play against the Ravenhill Darkwings in the next round. Ravenhill won their series against the Isengard Raiders 4 games to 2. The Return of the King Series schedule will be announced after the Two Towers Series finishes.