Bree Cheese Adopt New Pitching Program

Wednesday, June 17th, 2037
Bree pitching coach Colg Legslobberer does not see what all the fuss is about. To Legslobberer, the controversial new training regimen that requires his staff to put in more hours, is simply him doing his job — he is coaching the pitching staff.

“Every pitcher has a throw-off day between appearances,” personname #1 l said. “Now I want to extend that time, when it happens, or have them add a day. It’s simple — do more, get more.”

Team manager Tonak Gnomedragger has always trusted Legslobberer to make good decisions on and off the field and has publicly supported the plan. When pressed, Legslobberer was quick to explain his philosophy.

“The key to improving what a pitcher does isn’t focusing on his pushups, fancy weight training techniques, this arm exercise or that one,” he said. “What makes a guy throw better, and with more confidence, is throwing.”

Bree owner May Hill remarked that a growing number of teams are embracing philosophies that protect pitchers, mainly because how much they have financially invested in them. Legslobberer’s approach is cutting directly against that grain.

“It’s up to Tonak whether this translates into more innings pitched,” Hill said. “It’s up to Colg to make sure it’s effective.”