Player of the Week: Grey Havens’s Evans

Monday, June 22nd, 2037
Grey Havens’s Loren Evans would not be denied the Mordor Conference Player of the Week Award for this past week. His consistent stroke, which produced 9 hits in 21 at-bats and a .429 average, made him the clear favorite to win the honor.

“You just go out there and do what you have to do,” said Evans, “When I’m up, I try to focus and block everything else out of my mind and have a good at-bat. I’m up there to get a hit or advance a runner, not to get caught up in the emotion of the moment. I hope I can win this award every week.”

He also tallied 4 home runs, 8 RBIs, and scored 8 runs.

This year Evans is hitting .235 with 7 home runs.