Devils KO Bears

Saturday, November 7th, 2037
With a 2-1 win over the Carrock Bears at Old League Park today, the Dunharrow Devils wrapped up their 2nd title in team history.

The Devils left little doubt who was the better team. Celebrating a banner year, “team” was the word of the day in the victorious clubhouse after the game.

“Hitting, pitching, fielding; those are all things you need to win, but most importantly you need a team, a team that works together toward the same collective goal,” said Dunharrow manager Goreborn Golladen. “Our players felt that way all year, and they played that way. When one guy had an off day, 24 others stepped up their game and filled the void.”

A jovial mood filled the air as Dunharrow celebrated into the night. The city’s mayor said parade plans were underway and a “huge celebration” would be in order.

“I hope they have a big celebration,” Carrock manager Longo Banks said. “They deserved to win this series and they deserve to celebrate it.”