Veteran the Vague Hits Three Dingers

Wednesday, April 14th, 2038
Weathertop Witch Kings catcher Baztrak the Vague had a magnificent game against the Dol Guldur Dragons today, rocketing three balls out of Dol Guldur Stadium to help the Witch Kings take the 9-4 victory.

“I got some good pitches to hit and I creamed them,” he said after the game. “The first was a big, fat fastball and the last two were hanging curves. All three were mistakes.”

For the game, the Vague went 3-for-4 with 6 RBIs and 3 runs scored.

“There’s a fine line between hitting home runs and line drives,” Weathertop manager Gameodriel Anorfin said later. “Seems like Baztrak found his home run stroke today.”

Baztrak the Vague struck out in the 1st, hit a two-run home run off Tavzava Nöriand in the 3rd, hit a two-run home run off Tavzava Nöriand in the 4th, walked in the 6th and hit a two-run home run off Neli Orckiller in the 8th.

This season the Vague has banged out 10 hits in 35 at-bats for a .286 average with 4 home runs. He is getting on base at a .324 pace and his totals also include 8 RBIs and 5 runs scored.