Pennypacker is MC Most Valuable Player

Saturday, November 27th, 2038
Pitchers don’t usually win the MVP, but this year’s Mordor Conference winner is Estella Pennypacker of the Grey Havens Stars. She wasn’t a 20-game winner, and she didn’t toss a no-hitter, but Pennypacker (13-9) lead the MC with a 1.71 ERA and a miniscule 0.87 WHIP. She also fanned 253 batters and kept the Stars alive for their playoff journey.

This is Pennypacker’s first MVP award. Earlier, she won this year’s MC Gandalf Pitcher Award, her second, the first coming in 2036.

Forerunner *Baggins of Ravenhill finished 2nd in the voting. His teammate, Isabelle Delmonte, was 3rd.