SGCBL News: Draft Pool Revealed

Monday, May 16th, 2039
One of the few things certain about the 2039 first-year player draft is that it will be held 30 days from now. Today the SGCBL announced its list of players filing for the event, though little is publicly known about any given player, sending scouts from each of the league’s clubs scattering to uncover what they can in as little time as possible. Some clubs will draft the ideal prospect late, while others will stake their futures to big-name prospects, those deemed most likely to succeed by the fickle, nameless consensus.

A draft area has been created in the Transactions section for added functionality and will be available for 30 days prior to the draft.

The top players available (in no particular order) seem to be:
1. Anurudha Fyra, 19 year-old RF out of college.
2. Jhiilsraa of Lorien, 19 year-old RHP out of college.
3. Glodkuh Derrokicker, 17 year-old 1B out of high-school.
4. Vormina Morealob, 17 year-old SS out of high-school.
5. Phaimina Srinshee, 17 year-old 2B out of high-school.
6. Thuvtai Neirdre, 20 year-old RHP out of college.
7. Herme Galadrienduil, 18 year-old RHP out of high-school.
8. Guruvayur Livertrembler, 17 year-old 3B out of high-school.
9. Roanmara Oathsplitter, 20 year-old RHP out of college.
10. Inigo Sandybanks, 19 year-old CF out of college.