Trade: Nerith for Moss

Wednesday, July 6th, 2039
The Lake Town Archers and Dead Marshes Uruk-hai have put the finishing touches on a deal that was weeks in the making. Lake Town will part with 32-year-old 1B Ollla Nerith, while the Uruk-hai have dealt 35-year-old RHP Bulbo Moss.

“This one took a while to figure out,” said Lake Town general manager Olia Legalas. “We must have gone back to the drawing board five or six times over the past few weeks. I’m glad we finally got the deal done. I think it is a good one for both clubs.”

So far on the season Nerith is hitting .320 with 19 home runs, 51 RBIs and 50 runs scored. He has 105 hits and played in 81 games.

This year Moss has a 3-11 record and a 5.65 ERA.