Time Lords, Titans Swap Players

Wednesday, July 13th, 2039
A trade was announced today at a press conference in Gallifrey. Not satisfied with their current roster, the Gallifrey Time Lords general manager shook things up by acquiring 29-year-old LHP Saravin Sathie, 20-year-old minor league RHP Mica Llatas and $250,000 in cash from the Minas Tirith Titans for 29-year-old 1B Grul Gnomekicker and 19-year-old minor league 2B Gwebrylla Peatfingers.

“We’re a better team now,” Time Lords general manager Phaiar Elrémbor said. “We’ve added several pieces to the puzzle.”

Thus far this year Gnomekicker is hitting .327 with 14 home runs, 35 RBIs and 30 runs scored.