Trollgobbler Gets Award for Relief Work

Sunday, November 20th, 2039
The Gwaihir Reliever Award goes to the Shire Conference reliever who put forward the strongest season.

This season, that player was Ludrak Trollgobbler of the Mirkwood Sylvan, who was above all his peers in 2039.

“I just feel like the ball was doing what I wanted it to this year and I was in command most nights out there,” he said. “Some days you don’t have your best stuff, but I didn’t have too many of those days this year.”

On the season, Trollgobbler pitched 91.1 innings, with 96 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.27. He also had 46 saves in 81 relief appearances.

Gandealas Fáldur of the Rivendell Royals finished second in voting, while Celain Buckland of the Bywater Bounders finished third.