Is Controversial Catcher Secretly a Softie?

Thursday, August 30th, 2040
File this story under “whoda’ thunk it?” Mirkwood Sylvan’s catcher DeForest *Hamrh is seen by some as being aloof and a bit of a loner. “I’d call him ‘intense,'” teammate Dudish the Vague put it judiciously. *Hamrh’s reputation isn’t helped by his sometimes contentious relationship with the media, and most reporters would agree that he’s not the easiest player to interview, let alone get to know. If he’d agree to talk with you, *Hamrh would probably explain that he puts all of his effort into his peformance on the field, and that he’s focused on winning a championship, not a popularity contest.

So everybody agrees that *Hamrh is, as the old-timers would say, a “tough egg.” But maybe he isn’t as hard-boiled as most folks might think. An inside source recently reported that *Hamrh has been volunteering his time at the Childrens’ Memorial Hospital in Mirkwood. When initially confronted with the story, *Hamrh angrily denied it, but his teammates were unanimous in support of his generous and, frankly, unexpected gesture. “It shows what we always suspected, that his heart is in the right place,” said the Vague. “He really cares about kids, and that’s what counts in the end.”

Does this signal the emergence of a kinder, gentler *Hamrh? Maybe, maybe not. But don’t be surprised if you see him a get a few more high-fives from his fellow Mirkwood players and perhaps a few more autograph requests from some of the kids who benefitted from his previously secret generosity.