Ravenhill’s Myapoka Shuts Out Witch Kings

Tuesday, September 4th, 2040
Coka Myapoka was dynamite at Amon Sul Stadium today, blowing away the Weathertop Witch Kings in a shutout victory. The Ravenhill Darkwings starter had everything working as he held the Witch Kings to 1 hit in the 7-0 win.

“He was pure nasty out there today,” said Weathertop skipper Rubella Lomldor. “I don’t think any team in the league would’ve had a chance against what he was bringing.”

Myapoka finished the game with 8 strikeouts and 4 walks.

In 28 starts this year Myapoka has posted 10 wins while suffering 9 losses. He has pitched 178.1 innings, allowed 169 hits, struck out 141 and has a 3.99 ERA.