SC’s #1 Pitcher is *Inglorion

Sunday, November 25th, 2040
The Rivendell Royals have a rising superstar or maybe even a budding Hall-of-Famer in the making.
It’s Gildor *Inglorion, this year’s Shire Conference Gandalf Pitcher Award selection. This blossoming hurler wowed fans, peers and sportswriters with a fabulous performance.

*Inglorion compiled a 24-5 record in 33 starts, tallied 230 strikeouts in 269.1 innings and recorded a 2.41 ERA. Other clubs managed only a .228 batting average against him.

He received 23 first place votes out of a possible 24. Elraugast Isaiwyn of the Mirkwood Sylvan finished second in voting, while Eruushnak Goblinmaster of the Minas Tirith Titans finished third with 1 first place vote.