SGCBL News: Opening Day

Monday, April 1st, 2041
The rosters are set. The line-ups are set. Baseball is back.

After a long “hot stove” season, full of wheeling and dealing and rampant speculation, Tolkien Baseball clubs have broken camp and are about to take the field.

The 2041 season starts today with these matchups:
Bree Cheese @ Minas Tirith Titans
Minas Ithil Wyrms @ Rivendell Royals
Moria Miners @ Erebor Eagles
Old Forest Merry Fellows @ Lake Town Archers
Bywater Bounders @ Carrock Bears
Dol Guldur Dragons @ Dunharrow Devils
Weathertop Witch Kings @ Misty Mountain Hops
Minas Morgul Slayers @ Numenor Kings
Grey Havens Stars @ Ravenhill Darkwings
Lothlorien Lumberjacks @ Isengard Raiders