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League Suspended in wake of Hurricane Charley

FLORIDA – Hurricane Charley hit the homeland of the Commissioner and several team owners, including Bree, Numenor, Dead Marshes, Rivendell, Mirkwood, Lake Town and Gondolin. In light of that, there will be no game updates in the real world until August 23.
Thank goodness, we’re all safe!

NEW! Manager Changes Form

Orlando – League offices announced the prototype Manager Changes Form today. With this form, team owners can set their lineups, pitching rotations and team strategies in one place.
UPDATE: All of the league forms are ready to try. They can be found in the left sidebar, under “Important Stuff”.

Dagorlad Gets New Owner

Disaster No Longer Run By A Bot

Dagorlad – In a last-minute transaction, one of the final pair of computer-led teams has been purchased by millionaire tycoon, Sian W. Evans. Evans, currently residing in Cardiff and traveling under the pseudonym “Diaphanus”, becomes the second non-American team owner.

You Got Questions…

Orlando, SBCBL League Offices – We got answers. Check out the Forums for answers to burning questions. And if you have any, please, feel free to e-mail me or post them in the Forums.
I’m still looking for two things:

  1. DH votes. I am going to put a deadline on this soon, so people can start thinking about whom they shall draft.
  2. Suggestions for a better way to handle the draft. Again, the Forum is a good place to make your opinions known.