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Breathe, Lestah, Breathe

Sorry, everyone. I’m so excited about getting started that I keep charging ahead and sometimes forgetting to let people know exactly what is expected of them.
When I get home tonight, I am going to update the rules to clarify a couple of things (especially the “What do these stats mean?” section).
I am also going to lay out some definite “You need to do this” tasks for everyone, including when it’s expected to be done and how. (For example: “How the heck does this hiring coaches thing work? How do I bid? And what do I use them for?”)
We also have one person on the waiting list for a team. If I add them, it will necessitate adding three more teams for balance (and expanding the player pool). If we don’t get owners for those teams, they could be run by computer. I’d like to know what everyone feels about that. I definitely will not allow a computer-based team to be picked up by an owner half way into the season.
Thank you for being patient with my impatience!

Player and Team Info

I am posting this information here, as well as on the message forum and via e-mail, until we can determine the best method of communication to ensure that all owners receive important news.
Let’s get this party started!
We now have 20 teams. Two conferences with four 5-team divisions. As of now, one of the teams is being managed by the computer. If you know of another person that would like to play, please have them e-mail me.
If you click on the ALL LEAGUE STATISTICS link on the main page, you’ll see a ton of information about all the teams and players. There are logos that I made up for each team there, too. If you don’t like yours, or if you have a better one, just send it to me, and I will change it.
Pay particular attention to the Free Agent List. These are the players that you’ll be drafting to play on your team. We need to decide the best date to hold the draft. I am open to suggestions.
But the first order of business is: DH or no DH?
Each Conference can be different. Use of the Designated Hitter rule will be determined by majority vote of the owners in each Conference. So, let me know what your vote is as soon as possible.
We are now in the initial phase of the game, which is the signing of Coaches, Scouts and Minor League Managers. If you look at the Available Coaches/Scouts, you will see who’s out there. The list includes their job, age, experience and skills.
If you want to sign a particular coach or scout, send an e-mail or leave a message on the forum with the job, name, salary and length of contract you are offering. I will enter that into the sim and give you back their answer.
If you do not wish to participate in this part of the sim, your team will be assigned coaches and scouts from those remaining after the other teams have signed contracts.
Remember, don’t get too hung up on the rules. If you don’t understand something (and with me talking that’s very likely), just ask.
Have fun!!!

The Hits Keep Comin’

Got another player at lunch time. DeBuG is going to run a team. And Peat settled on the Valinor Vandals for his team name.