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Bywater CL Nolak Fingertorturer Injured

Monday, April 5th, 2038
When Nolak Fingertorturer was hurt against the Rivendell Royals, the Bywater Bounders were hopeful that the injury was not serious. However, it proved to be more severe than first thought. The 35-year-old closer suffered a fractured elbow throwing a pitch in yesterday’s game. Team doctors told BNN today that Fingertorturer would miss 5-6 months of the season.

Fingertorturer Wins Award for SC Dominance

Tuesday, November 24th, 2037
Nolak Fingertorturer of the Bywater Bounders proved this season that age is just a number, as the 35-year-old relief stud turned in a season that was better than all his Shire Conference peers.

“Winning the Gwaihir Reliever Award at age 35 is something I didn’t really expect, but I’ll take it,” he said.

Fingertorturer’s strong season saw him fashion a 1.67 ERA through 64.2 innings. He had 27 saves in 58 relief appearances and also put up 71 strikeouts and 16 walks. Opponents hit only .209 against the tough reliever.

He received 15 first place votes out of a possible 24. Donethirion Earathien of the Carrock Bears finished second in voting with 8 first place votes, while Ludrak Trollgobbler of the Mirkwood Sylvan finished third with 1 first place vote.

Player – Team – First Place – Total Points
Nolak Fingertorturer – Bywater Bounders – 15 – 97
Donethirion Earathien – Carrock Bears – 8 – 86
Ludrak Trollgobbler – Mirkwood Sylvan – 1 – 33
Meli Rocksnapper – Bywater Bounders – 0 – 8
Tika Ploughman – Lake Town Archers – 0 – 7
Skradreg Spleensmasher – Bywater Bounders – 0 – 6
Gandealas Fáldur – Rivendell Royals – 0 – 3

Spleensmasher Finalizes Contract Extension with Bywater

Thursday, November 19th, 2037
A contract extension between Skradreg Spleensmasher and Bywater was reached earlier today.

Spleensmasher will continue to play for the Bounders and will pocket $22,320,000 over the next 3 years. The Bounders said the extension “shows our level of confidence in him and in the type of player and person he is.”

To date Spleensmasher’s career stats show a 33-34 record with 37 saves and an ERA of 3.47. He has fanned 634 opposing hitters and held them to a .228 average.

Bounders Win Fellowship Series

Friday, October 16th, 2037
Fans at The Water Park saw the Fellowship Series come to a close today, as the Bywater Bounders defeated the Mirkwood Sylvan by a score of 8-0, and advanced to the Two Towers Series.

Bywater won the series 4-1 and will now continue their march toward the Return of the King Series.

“It feels good to be moving on, I can’t deny it,” said center fielder Splinter Moonbeam, who was named series MVP. “Not everyone thought we’d make it this far.”

The Bywater Bounders don’t know who they will face in the next round. They will play the winner of the Carrock Bears – Lake Town Archers series. Carrock leads the series 3 games to 2. The Two Towers Series schedule will be announced after the Fellowship Series finishes.

Shire Conference Hobbit Division Won: Bywater Crowned

Friday, October 2nd, 2037
Bywater Bounders starting pitcher Eruushnak Goblinmaster said celebrating a division championship never gets old.

“If this is what the outcome of every regular season was, I’d be a happy guy,” he said. “It takes a lot of talent and determination to win a division like the Shire Conference Hobbit Division.”

The club’s 89-70 record has allowed it to officially seal up the division title, for the 9th time in franchise history.

Manager Lona Bramble said it would be a “pure joy and pleasure” to be able to bring the 2nd Return of the King Series title to Bywater.