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Star of the Week Honored in SC

Monday, August 15th, 2039
His hard work and hustle paid off this week. The hard-working and hard-playing Ferdinand *Puttifoot was rewarded with the Shire Conference Player of the Week honors.

The scrappy Bywater Bounders second baseman hit .440 while collecting 11 hits in 25 at-bats, 5 home runs and 11 RBIs.

*Puttifoot currently has a .310 batting average with 127 hits, 46 homers, 103 RBIs, 84 runs scored and a .425 OBP.

Ferdinand *Puttifoot Winner in Shire Conference

Friday, July 1st, 2039
Ferdinand *Puttifoot let his bat do the talking in June and the Shire Conference heard him loud and clear. He made plenty of noise as he put together a .322 batting average and was named the top hitter of the month.

*Puttifoot’s month to remember saw him accumulate 29 hits, 10 home runs, 23 RBI, 24 runs, 21 walks and a .455 on-base percentage.

Thus far this season *Puttifoot is hitting .315 with 32 home runs, 74 RBIs and 61 runs scored. He has 88 hits in 279 at-bats and has played in 77 games.

Star of the Week Named in SC

Monday, June 13th, 2039
Veteran Splinter Moonbeam had a great week at the plate for the Bounders to capture the majority of votes for Player of the Week in the Shire Conference.

The 33-year-old Bywater right fielder built a .462 average on the strength of 12 hits in 26 at-bats, 4 home runs and 11 RBIs.

Moonbeam is hitting .313 in 2039 with 52 RBIs and 19 home runs.

Moonbeam Wins SC Player of the Week

Monday, May 9th, 2039
A battle-tested Splinter Moonbeam declared war on opposing pitchers last week, attacking the ball like the well-schooled veteran he is. Today the 33-year-old Bywater right fielder collected the Shire Conference Player of the Week Award.

He wrapped up the week with a .391 average, 9 hits in 23 at-bats, 4 home runs, 11 RBIs and 7 runs scored.

This season Moonbeam is batting .328 with 9 home runs.

*Puttifoot Awarded April’s SC Top Bat Prize

Sunday, May 1st, 2039
Ferdinand *Puttifoot battered Shire Conference pitchers all April and wound up taking home the Batter of the Month Award.

“I’ve been around Tolkien Baseball long enough to know you really have to work hard day in and day out to be able to put up this kind of consistency,” the 28-year-old *Puttifoot told reporters. “I put in a lot of work, even on the days I might not take the field, and it’s always nice when everything comes together for me like it did this last month.”

In 25 games, *Puttifoot hit .407 with 15 home runs, 36 RBIs and scored 24 runs.

3 Home Runs for *Puttifoot

Tuesday, April 26th, 2039
In a powerful performance that left the fans at Capital One Stadium buzzing, Bywater Bounders second baseman Ferdinand *Puttifoot blasted a trio of home runs en route to a 8-1 win over the Numenor Kings.

“Everything was clicking,” *Puttifoot told the press. “My timing was good and I got pitches I could handle and I didn’t miss them.”

*Puttifoot shined brilliantly in the win, with 3 hits in 4 at-bats, 4 RBIs and 3 runs scored.

“It’s not just one guy, it’s everybody,” Bounders manager Girith of Rhun said. “Ferdinand played great but it takes more than one guy to win a game.”

Ferdinand *Puttifoot hit a solo-shot off Donar Spikehandler in the 1st, struck out in the 3rd, hit a solo-shot off Donar Spikehandler in the 5th, hit a solo-shot off Fasil Tunnelworker in the 6th and flied out in the 8th.

Thus far this season *Puttifoot has hit .418 with 15 home runs, 35 RBIs and scored 23 times.

*Puttifoot on the Attack, Player of the Week

Monday, April 25th, 2039
At the age of 28, Ferdinand *Puttifoot might have some potential he hasn’t realized yet — if his success at the plate last week is any indication. The Bywater second baseman put up some exceptional numbers the past seven days with a .370 batting average. For his efforts *Puttifoot collected the Shire Conference Player of the Week Award.

He racked up 10 hits in 27 at-bats, 5 home runs and 11 RBIs last week in 7 games.

In 2039 *Puttifoot has hit at a .414 clip with 29 hits, 12 home runs, 31 RBIs and has scored 19 times.

Bad News for Bywater, Goodbody Injured

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2039
A blow for May Goodbody today — team doctors confirmed she will miss 5-6 months with shoulder inflammation. Goodbody suffered the injury throwing a pitch. Although officials from the Bywater Bounders are confident she’ll make a full recovery, doubts will persist about Goodbody’s ability to return fully fit with an injury of this nature.

*Puttifoot Wins 2nd MVP

Saturday, November 27th, 2038
Ferdibrand *Puttifoot, Bywater’s slugging second baseman added another trophy to his case today when he was named the SC Aragorn Most Valuable Player for 2038.

*Puttifoot, who earlier won the Sam Gamgee Batter award and a Gimli’s Axe trophy as the best hitting second baseman, took home the MVP by leading his team to the playoffs with a .330 average. He lead the SC in HR with 56, RBI with 132, Runs Scored with 128, and Slugging Pct at .667. He threw in 48 stolen bases and 105 walks for good measure.

This was *Puttifoot’s 2nd MVP award. He earned the first one in 2036.

Pitchers Eormenred *UrukBane of Carrock and Meriamli Rockcrusher of Bree finished 2nd and 3rd in the voting.

SC’s Best Hitter Selected, It’s *Puttifoot

Friday, November 26th, 2038
What a way to finish off the year — being honored with the 2038 Sam Gamgee Batter in the Shire Conference. It had already been a very special season for Bywater’s Ferdinand *Puttifoot, but today’s announcement really put the icing on his cake.

All season long Ferdinand *Puttifoot gave opposing pitchers fits by hitting .330 as he collected 189 hits, 23 doubles, 1 triple, 56 home runs and 132 RBIs.

Duilin *Silverwolf of the Lake Town Archers finished second in voting, while Brutus *Trollbasher of the Minas Ithil Wyrms finished third.