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SP Joe Graves Out

Sunday, April 13th, 2036
Erebor fans held their breath as Joe Graves left yesterday’s Bears-Eagles contest with an injury. After the game, the team’s medical staff said that the 35-year-old starting pitcher had suffered elbow inflammation while throwing a pitch. It’s estimated that he will be out 6 weeks.

Star 3B Bramble Settles on Erebor

Monday, April 7th, 2036
Word of a huge deal between Isengrim Bramble and Erebor broke on BNN only minutes before it was officially announced.

The third baseman will join the Eagles for an estimated $3,880,000 per year over 1 year. Bramble has shown he is capable of putting together big money campaigns, which is exactly what Eagles ownership was looking for.

Fastolph Baggins Hurt, Out 6 Weeks

Thursday, April 3rd, 2036
Eagles right fielder Fastolph Baggins will be spending 6 weeks on the shelf according to his manager. He was hurt in a recent game against Mirkwood colliding with a player at a base and suffered a fractured wrist. The Erebor GM told BNN no decision had been made on his replacement. He said an announcement was forthcoming, probably tomorrow.

SGCBL Players Compete in NCAA Bracketology

Friday, March 28th, 2036
Before their baseball teams have Opening Day games in the coming week, Issth Elreogol of the Erebor Eagles and Gaman Celül of the Lothlorien Lumberjacks will be following the National Championship game with special interest.

Bragging rights within the Tolkien Baseball are on the line. invited player representatives from all Tolkien Baseball clubs to fill out brackets before this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament got under way, and from 48 players, it now comes down to two players and their brackets.

Elreogol leads with 91 points but Gaman Celül isn’t far behind with 88 points; no other player was within 20 points. At this point, it is down to who wins between #4 Indiana vs. #2 Kentucky as both players picked the opposite team to win.

“It’s not easy being in the top 2 when it started with 48 guys,” said Elreogol. “That being said, it will feel a whole lot better when I win the whole thing.”

Celül, said of Elreogol’s quote, “Look, he can dream all he wants, but that is all he is doing – dreaming.”

As March fades into April, both player’s will have a lot lot less time to play around.

“Starting in April, I’ll get my wins at the ballpark,” said a smiling Celül. “For now, I’ll take a win over Elreogol and his Erebor Eagles any way I can get it.”

Shire Conference Hobbit Division Champs Crowned: Erebor Eagles

Sunday, September 30th, 2035
The Erebor Eagles have their share of problems, but getting to the postseason isn’t one of them. The club today clinched the Shire Conference Hobbit Division crown.

“It’s not a perfect clubhouse, we have issues just like any other team, but in the end we did what we had to do on the field,” said right fielder Joseph the Lawyer. “In the end, it’s a roster of guys coming together for the same cause.”

Team manager Sarind Cha brushed off any suggestions there are issues in his clubhouse and said he’s proud of his team.

“Anything that goes on, it’s just regular stuff that any team would deal with,” he said. “In the end, we won the division and that’s all that matters.”

The club has a 88-73 record and the division title is their 5th.