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Fastolph Baggins Injured, Out for Year

Saturday, September 20th, 2036
The Erebor Eagles and their fans were rocked today by the news that star right fielder Fastolph Baggins would miss the rest of the season due to injury. Baggins was hurt in a recent game against the Bucklebury Fairies while throwing the ball. He was immediately removed from the game and taken for examination. Tests today revealed the injury was an oblique strain. His doctors think that Baggins will miss about 6 weeks.

Thus far this year Baggins has hit .364 with 22 home runs and 69 RBIs.

Elreogol Takes This Week’s Trophy

Monday, September 1st, 2036
Issth Elreogol demonstrated his potential to be a star in the game last week and today he took home the Shire Conference Player of the Week Award.

The Erebor first baseman wreaked havoc on opposing pitchers last week, pounding them for a .438 average (14-for-32) with 4 home runs and 10 RBIs on his way to claiming the honor.

A look at his current stats shows Elreogol with a .323 average, 25 home runs, 101 RBIs and 80 runs scored. He has played in 129 games.

Eagles Down in Dumps After Raw Sewage Floods Clubhouse

Thursday, August 28th, 2036
Talk about putting your foot in it. For the Erebor Eagles staff and players, today’s stinker in the clubhouse looks to be emblematic of the season as a whole.

Hifur Toothkicker showed up hours early, as he always does, hoping to fit in a light workout before the game. After his workout, shroud in a towel and a pair of rubber sandals, he entered the darkened showers.

“Nothing seemed wrong,” said the team’s reliever with a grimace. “I had no idea what was waiting for me.”

“At first, I didn’t smell anything – it was the cold on my feet. I wondered why there was water all over, so I walked back and found the light to see what I was stepping in,” Toothkicker said. “I wish I hadn’t.”

Dark, viscous, strangely lumpy water, bubbling up from the floor drains, now spilling out into the common room. The team’s stadium has suffered from intermittent plumbing problems since it first opened, but this is the first time team staffers can recall the problem coming to a head, so to speak.

“It’s Wilibald Moss,” said a team employee who asked to remain nameless referring to the team’s owner. “This place is a dump, literally. It’s an embarrassment to the players, the team, and the league, and Moss should be ashamed.”

Staffers rushed in a local team of plumbers to find and fix the source of the problem: a pipe blocked by two cotton hand towels – the same towels found in the home team’s locker room. It’s unclear how the towels found their way into those pipes, but the team indicates they are “looking into it.”

July’s Premier Pitcher Announced by SC

Friday, August 1st, 2036
It was a very good month for Joe Graves in July. The 35-year-old veteran starter for the Erebor Eagles outpitched everybody — young and old — to claim the Shire Conference Pitcher of the Month award earlier today.

Graves ran up a 4-0 record in his 5 starts during the month. In 42.2 innings he fanned 30 and recorded a 1.90 ERA.

To date this year, Graves shows a 8-3 record, 15 starts, 108 innings, 83 strikeouts and a 2.42 ERA.

Bad News for Eagles, Baggins Injured

Sunday, June 29th, 2036
Fastolph Baggins expressed his disappointment when he learned that a sprained ankle would sideline him for 3 weeks. “I’ll just spend a lot of time in the training room and hopefully speed up the healing process. Nobody likes to be out of the lineup,” explained Baggins. The right fielder got hurt in today’s game with the Rivendell Royals. He was hurt running the bases. Team officials had no comment on his roster replacement.

This year Baggins is batting .376 with 9 home runs and 29 RBIs. In 40 games he has scored 32 times.