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Hall of Fame Voting Results

Monday, June 30th, 2036
The ballots are counted and the results are in. Unfortunately, no player was elected to the Hall of Fame this year. The top vote getter was Splint Cam, who received votes from 73.0% of eligible electors.

The full voting results are included here. Players require 75% of ballots cast to be elected to the Hall, may stay on the ballot for up to 20 years if they receive at least 5% of the votes. Players must be retired before they are eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame.

SP Splint Cam 73.0 (1st year)
CL Gollaiborn Fionduil 71.5 (6th year)
2B Tanta Chubb 58.4 (6th year)
SP Nesil Orebearer 57.7 (1st year)
CL Elanor Muddyfoot 50.6 (1st year)
SP Galealbo Elvāwen 38.5 (6th year)
RP Bowman Moss 36.8 (1st year)
CL Isengrim Sandyman 34.8 (2nd year)
C Foundling *Goodbody 34.0 (1st year)
SP Vincent Rogers 29.7 (6th year)
SP Rundin Bloodytooth 27.5 (6th year)
SP Legend Trader 22.4 (3rd year)
CF Chukky Kendrick 15.1 (1st year)
2B Frillf Elvora 15.1 (2nd year)
LF Isszava Eliondel 14.1 (5th year)
C Meli Eläril 11.6 (5th year)
CL Mak’Vok Ta’Quan 11.3 (3rd year)
SP Elladan Mithrandir 11.1 (6th year)
C Imcir Imcirion 10.8 (6th year)
SP Wooley Badgerbadger 9.3 (3rd year)
3B Elanor Buckland 5.0 (1st year)
SS Celaugorn Ironworker 4.5 (2nd year) Dropped
CL Celemir Earawen 4.3 (1st year) Dropped
CL Kim Bromburg 2.5 (1st year) Dropped
SP Nalok the Drooler 1.0 (1st year) Dropped
SP Mimosa Goodrich 0.8 (1st year) Dropped
SP Makk Areolas 0.8 (1st year) Dropped
RP Gundin Diamondlegs 0.5 (1st year) Dropped
1B Crystal Green 0.3 (1st year) Dropped

Fabur Beardcutter Inducted into Hall Of Fame

Saturday, June 30th, 2035
What a way to cap a glorious career — get elected to the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame. That’s exactly what happened to pitching star, Fabur Beardcutter. The Baseball Writers Association rewarded him for his sensational seasons on the mound and today he took his place among the baseball immortals.

Beardcutter told the audience at the ceremonies, “Baseball has been my life … and what a wonderful life it has been. The truth is I would have played it for almost nothing — but I wouldn’t have told any of the owners that.”

Beardcutter had a career record of 236 victories and 213 losses with 3722 strikeouts in 4173 innings and a 3.65 ERA. He was 41 when he retired from baseball, and he appeared in 678 games.

Glimmerhand Joins HOF Legends

Saturday, June 30th, 2035
A huge crowd watched Arghren Glimmerhand become the newest member of the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame today.

“I’m a big believer in whatever you want, if you want something out of this game, you’ve got to put the work in it. You’ve got to work hard,” said the outstanding catcher, whose new plaque described him as “an artisan with a bat whose daily pursuit of excellence produced a .298 lifetime batting average, 2412 hits and 343 home runs.”

After the induction ceremony Glimmerhand was asked what was the most thrilling moment in his career. He responded quickly, “No doubt about it, your first hit in the big leagues. That’s tops. It means you’re on your way. When you get the first hit, then you can get the rest.”

Knifecrawler Honored by First Ballot Selection to SGCBL Hall of Fame

Friday, June 30th, 2034
Merilmir Knifecrawler played baseball a long time and he played it well. Then at the age of 42, he called it a career. In recognition of his outstanding accomplishments, Knifecrawler has been voted into the Hall of Fame, with 90.9% of ballots voting him in.

“There is so much to love about this game,” the newest honoree said during his induction speech at the Tolkien Baseball Baseball Hall of Fame. “I couldn’t imagine anything greater than my first major league game. Then I hit my first home run. Then the other landmarks came. But nothing tops today… to think that I made it to the Hall of Fame.”

The legendary first baseman put up some impressive numbers. Knifecrawler played in 2543 games, compiled a .306 batting average, hit 290 home runs, drove in 1394 runs and scored 1638 times during his career.

Black Joins HOF Immortals

player_1345Thursday, June 30th, 2033
The Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame just added a fine third baseman and hitter to its number. The newest member of baseball’s most elite group is Orgulas Black, who retired at the age of 39.

“I always knew I was good enough to play, but the Hall of Fame was one of the few things I never even dreamed of,” said Black at his induction ceremony. “For me to focus a lot on the individual, that’s not the way I learned to play the game. Baseball is a team game. You win as a team, you lose as team. You also do so many things together, but it is not an ‘I’ thing.”

During his illustrious career, Black had 462 home runs among his 2451 hits, while batting .277. He played in 2356 games, scored 1470 runs and knocked in 1507 runs.

Glomli of Erebor

Glomli of Erebor
Induction Information
Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2032, Player
First ballot: 8.66 votes per ballot (75.7%)
Born:August 9, 1990 in Erebor, Lonely Mountain
ML Debut: 4/1/2013
Primary Position: CF
Bats: R Throws: R
Primary Uniform #: 9
Played For: Carrock (2013), Isengard (2013-2029), Weathertop (2030)
Primary Team: Isengard Raiders
Post Season: 2018-2021, 2028
Awards: All-Star (9): 2014-2017, 2019-2022, 2027; 2020 and 2022 Aragorn MVP; 2020 and 2022 Sam Gamgee Batter
In his 2207-game career, of Erebor hit .308 with 2367 hits, 495 home runs, 1610 runs scored and 1458 RBIs. He wrapped up his career at the age of 42 and retired, hanging up his cleats in 2032.

Ragnar ‘Mini Me’ *Stonecutter, Jr.

Ragnar *Stonecutter, Jr.
Mini Me
Induction Information
Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2032, Player
First ballot: 8.66 votes per ballot (88.1%)
Born:January 1, 1993 in Dwarven Lands
ML Debut: 4/1/2014
Primary Position: SS
Bats: S Throws: R
Primary Uniform #: 63
Played For: Isengard (2014-2031)
Primary Team: Isengard Raiders
Post Season: 2018-2021, 2028
Awards: All-Star (10): 2014-2016, 2018-2021, 2027-2028, 2030; 2014 Frodo Rookie; Aragorn MVP (3): 2015, 2018, 2021; Sam Gamgee Batter (3): 2015, 2018, 2021; Legolas Fielder, C (3): 2020, 2023, 2024
With his 476 home runs,3009 hits and lifetime .342 batting average, everyone knew the gifted shortstop belonged with the immortals of the game.
*Stonecutter Jr. retired at 39 in 2032. He was inducted as a member of the Isengard Raiders, earning votes from 88.1% of eligible voters. In his epic career he played in 2354 games and finished with 1594 RBIs and 1861 runs scored.

Scarlett ‘Mawaan’ *III

Scarlett *III
Induction Information
Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2032, Player
First ballot: 8.66 votes per ballot (94.2%)
Born:July 2, 1995 in Human Lands
ML Debut: 4/1/2017
Primary Position: C
Bats: S Throws: R
Primary Uniform #: 12
Played For: Bucklebury (2017-2031)
Primary Team: Bucklebury Fairies
Post Season: 2020-2030
Awards: All-Star (12): 2017-2025, 2027-2029; Aragorn MVP (6): 2018, 2020-2024; Sam Gamgee Batter (5): 2018, 2020-2023; Legolas Fielder, C (3): 2020, 2023, 2024
*III played in 1860 games with a .351 lifetime batting average. Among her 2477 hits were 223 doubles, 17 triples and 503 home runs. She also scored 1554 runs and drove in 1419 runs. *III was 36, when she retired.
At her induction ceremony, she said, “I just went out and did my job every day… and I guess I must have done it pretty well. Thank you for the honor you have given me today.”

Elendil ‘Pepe’ *L’pu

Elendil *L’pu
Induction Information
Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2030, Player
First ballot: 8.7 votes per ballot (97.7%)
Born:July 6, 1998 in Tirion, Valinor
ML Debut: 4/1/2017
Primary Position: RF
Bats: S Throws: R
Primary Uniform #: 89
Played For: Bywater (2017-2029)
Primary Team: Bywater Bounders
Post Season: 2017, 2020, 2022, 2024
Awards: All-Star (7): 2017-2018, 2020, 2023-2025, 2028; 2017 Frodo Rookie; Legolas Fielder (RF) 2022-2026, 2028
The way Elendil *L’pu played baseball made the word “superstar” seem inadequate. He played the game at an even higher level and that’s why he is now one of the immortals in the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame.
*L’pu played in 1576 games with a .300 lifetime batting average. Among his 1940 hits were 126 doubles, 18 triples and 485 home runs. He also scored 1130 runs and drove in 1327 runs. *L’pu was 32, when he retired.
One of his teammates described the talented right fielder this way: “The greatness of Elendil *L’pu was something that had to be seen… and to see him was to remember him forever.”

Grikak ‘Thumper’ Spleenwhomper

Grikak Spleenwhomper
Induction Information
Named to the Hall of Fame in 2030, Player
Hall of Fame Standards: 55
Born:September 28, 1990 in Unknown Lands
ML Debut: 4/1/2014
Primary Position: C
Bats: R Throws: R
Primary Uniform #: 89
Played For: Bree (2014-2030)
Primary Team: Bree Cheese
Post Season: 2014-2018, 2022-2024, 2026
Awards: All-Star (5): 2014, 2017-2020; 2014 Frodo Rookie; Legolas Fielder (C) 2014, 2015, 2019, 2022, 2026, 2027
One of the best players ever, catcher Grikak Spleenwhomper, was recalled by his former teammates as having an unparalleled work ethic, a “naturally pure” swing, and a love for the game.
In a career spanning 2181 games, Spleenwhomper batted .288 with 2340 hits, 223 home runs, 1273 RBIs and 1265 runs scored.
Hall of Fame Teammates: Biggles Dogsbody, Gollilmer Fyrith, Drogo Boffin, Kobur Hammermaker