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Lothlorien: RP Daggerkicker Coming to Town

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2041
Lothlorien officials presented their new reliever Rubgorg Daggerkicker today before a packed clubhouse of media representatives, agents and baseball officials.

The deal is worth an estimated $15,800,000, and runs for 1 year.

Lothlorien Wins Lottery for 3B Anvildelver

Thursday, December 20th, 2040
The Lumberjacks today announced that they have come to terms with Fernando Anvildelver, a 36-year-old third baseman they’ve been scouting for a while.

Anvildelver will earn $18,133,333 a year over 3 years and is expected to play a key role with the club.

Looking at his all-time stats, Anvildelver has a career .279 average with 1766 hits, 303 doubles, 18 triples, 283 home runs and 891 RBIs to date. He has scored 906 runs, walked 932 times and stolen 3 bases.

It’s Official: SP the Iron Monger Signs with Lumberjacks

Thursday, December 20, 2040
Talk of a deal between Lothlorien and Phaibis the Iron Monger came together today as the two sides inked a deal worth $98,000,000 over 5 years.

the Iron Monger is highly regarded around Tolkien Baseball for his talents and is expected to add that extra spark to the Lumberjacks roster.

Lifetime the Iron Monger has notched 60 wins and 55 losses and compiled a 3.50 ERA.

MC Gandalf Pitcher Award Goes to Brandybuck

Sunday, November 25th, 2040
This season’s Mordor Conference Gandalf Pitcher Award trophy went to Asphodel Brandybuck, the ace of the Lothlorien pitching staff.

He dominated all season, finishing with 20 wins and 10 losses and a 2.44 ERA. In 33 starts he worked a total of 254.1 innings, striking out 245, while walking 36. Other clubs managed to hit only .220 against him.

He received 21 first place votes out of a possible 24. Gruudash Facestomper of the Dunharrow Devils finished second in voting with 1 first place vote, while Todo Gilmore of the Dunharrow Devils finished third.

Torlak Hits His Way to Frodo Rookie Award

Friday, November 23rd, 2040
The 2040 Mordor Conference Frodo Rookie Award has gone to Devi Torlak of the Lothlorien Lumberjacks.

In his debut season he hit .276, drove in 75 runs and scored 51 times, while playing in 130 games. The 26-year-old newcomer also had 18 doubles, no triples and 27 home runs.

He received 22 first place votes out of a possible 24. Alok Elassidil of the Dunharrow Devils finished second in voting with 1 first place vote, while Gefur Stonearm of the Weathertop Witch Kings finished third.

Fellowship Series Goes the Distance, Isengard Prevails

Wednesday, October 17th, 2040
Isengard Raiders won a nail-biting series against the Lothlorien Lumberjacks 4-3, wrapping up the Fellowship Series finale 4-1 at Orthanc Stadium.

Raiders third baseman Arwowyn Galindil was named the series MVP.

He batted .345, drove in 3 runs and scored 1 to lead Isengard into the next round of play.

“Arwowyn was real solid for us, real solid,” said Raiders manager Golmazh Headgobber. “I normally say I’d like to have nine of him out there, but thankfully we got by with just one this time.”

The Isengard Raiders don’t know who they will face in the next round. They will play the winner of the Dunharrow Devils – Ravenhill Darkwings series. That series is tied at 3 games apiece. The Two Towers Series schedule will be announced after the Fellowship Series finishes..

Lumberjacks Cruise to Fellowship Series with Sweep

Saturday, October 6th, 2040
The Lothlorien Lumberjacks have swept the Minas Morgul Slayers and are on to the Fellowship Series. Lothlorien won 7-5 today at Sylvan Cove to clinch the Hobbit Series.

“We’re happy to have put the dagger in when we had the chance,” said Lothlorien catcher Devi Torlak, who was named MVP for the series. “It could have been a tough series to finish if we let them start winning.”

Torlak won the award with a .500 batting average and a .500 on-base percentage. He had 1 home runs, drove in 2 RBI and scored 2 runs.

The Lothlorien Lumberjacks will play against the Isengard Raiders in the next round. Isengard had a bye in the Hobbit Series. The Fellowship Series schedule will be announced after the Hobbit Series finishes.

Wild Card Clinched by Lothlorien

Saturday, September 29th, 2040
The manager of the Lothlorien Lumberjacks said it’s an “absolute relief” to have clinched a postseason berth and be on to the postseason.

“You don’t have that level of security or comfort that you do in winning the division, but it still feels good,” said Bart Hawks. “We still think we can prove ourselves as the top team in Tolkien Baseball.”

The Mordor Conference Goblin Division team has a 84-76 and will be looking to win the franchise’s 1st Return of the King Series.

Lumberjacks Elizondo MC Hitter of the Week

Monday, August 20th, 2040
Veteran Baran Elizondo had a great week at the plate for the Lumberjacks to capture the majority of votes for Player of the Week in the Mordor Conference.

The 34-year-old Lothlorien center fielder built a .478 average on the strength of 11 hits in 23 at-bats, 4 home runs and 7 RBIs.

Looking at his present stats, Elizondo has compiled a .304 batting average in 92 games with a .345 on-base percentage, while hitting 20 home runs and driving in 57 runs.

Yes, It’s a No-No by Pennypacker

Thursday, August 9th, 2040
Lothlorien Lumberjacks starter Ganymede Pennypacker was unhittable today at Gap of Rohan Park at Caradhras.

Pennypacker beat the Misty Mountain Hops 7-0, breezing through the Hops lineup en route to a no-hitter.

“I thought Ganymede started off a little slow and was struggling with his command at first,” Lumberjacks manager Bart Hawks said later. “He lucked his way through the early innings, and they helped him out by not being patient. Eventually, it all came together for him, and from there on the Hops never had a chance. He dominated them.”

Pennypacker struck out 5 batters and issued 3 walks in the performance.

For the season Pennypacker has compiled a 7-4 record with a 4.50 ERA.