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SC’s Premier Batter Picked

Monday, September 1st, 2036
Seasoned by several years of professional experience, 31-year-old Brutus *Trollbasher put together a solid offensive month for Minas Ithil and was crowned August’s top batter in the Shire Conference.

He batted .430 with 8 home runs, 18 RBIs and 22 runs scored.

*Trollbasher is batting at a .344 pace this season, picking up 138 hits in 401 at-bats with 30 home runs, 71 RBIs and 85 runs scored.

SC Awards Player of the Week

Monday, August 18th, 2036
In the twilight of his career, 37-year-old Ufrat Moonkiller of Minas Ithil recaptured some of the old magic last week and came away with the Shire Conference Player of the Week Award.

“I’ve been playing since I was a kid,” Moonkiller told reporters, “but you’re never too old to feel the thrill of success.”

Moonkiller outpaced the rest of the league’s hitters last week, reeling off 14 hits in 24 at-bats, 3 home runs, and 10 RBIs to stake his claim to the award.

This season Moonkiller is swinging the bat at a .260 rate with 113 hits in 434 at-bats. To date he has hit 24 home runs, scored 63 runs and driven in 68.

Veteran 3B Rocktearer Settles on Wyrms

Monday, April 7th, 2036
Feedback was positive in Minas Ithil today as the club announced an agreement with third baseman Bafur Rocktearer, one of the league’s marquee players.

Minas Ithil Wyrms Ship Tunnelsplitter to Lothlorien

Sunday, March 2nd, 2036
Officials for Minas Ithil confirmed that they have traded 35-year-old RF Vomli Tunnelsplitter and 24-year-old minor league LHP Longo Mugworts to the Lothlorien Lumberjacks. In return, the Wyrms will receive 29-year-old 1B Asphodel Brockhouse.

In a career spanning 1621 games, Tunnelsplitter has batted .290 with 1650 hits, 284 home runs, 891 RBIs, and 934 runs scored.

Brockhouse has batted .290 for his career with 311 hits, 33 doubles, 2 triples, 51 home runs, and 149 RBIs.

It’s Official: RF Brainthrottler Signs with Wyrms

Sunday, December 16th, 2035
There was a buzz in the air today as news broke of Minas Ithil finalizing a deal with star right fielder Hahai Brainthrottler.

The deal, worth an estimated $44,400,000 over 3 years, is being hailed by media analysts and could be a popular one with the Minas Ithil fans. The consensus is that Brainthrottler will contribute a lot to the team.

In his career Brainthrottler is hitting .285 with a total of 437 home runs.