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Slayers Come up Short of Playoffs

Tuesday, September 25th, 2035
The Minas Morgul Slayers organization won’t be ending this season in celebration. The team was officially eliminated from playoff contention today.

Before this season, the Slayers last missed the playoffs in 2029. In the 32 years they have been a Tolkien Baseball franchise, they have missed the playoffs 12 times. In the last 10 years, they have missed the playoffs 0 times. Minas Morgul last won the Return of the King Series in 2025.

Calmer Clubhouse Equals Surging Slayers?

MINAS MORGUL – The trading deadline came and went with no moves, so the Slayers took matters into their own hands.

Some players were demoted. Some were released. Some were moved and told to deal with it. Some were promoted and given their shot in the majors.

The result was the Slayers playing more like they are capable. The team went 16-10 in July, over .600 in win percentage, to give the Slayers at least a plausible chance at making a late run at the second wild card spot. The team currently sits 4 1/2 games out.

“Time is not on our side thanks to all the schoolyard drama and high school ‘he doesn’t like me’ and ‘I hate you all’ type antics that went on for the first half of the season. Now that all that nonsense is at least diminishing, maybe we can start playing baseball again and doing it well, ” K.L. spoke.

There are still some pockets of said antics, mostly in the bullpen, which has underachieved all year long. The unit ranks only 10th in the Mordor Conference, a terrible number for a team that prides itself on, and relies heavy on, its pitching. By contrast, the starters are #1 in the Mordor Conference, even in spite of all the distractions.

Regarding the relievers, K.L. commented, “They need to look in the mirror if they aren’t happy with their performance. Don’t whine at me because you stink. Maybe I just need to try a whole new batch of relievers. They should know by now I’ll do it.”

“The hitters are genuinely trying to get along and work together, and the starting pitchers have endured this like true professionals. It’s just the relievers that’s really being a pain right now. At least Rowan [Hill] has his head on straight and is seeing the kind of result we’re used to from him. Hopefully, that spreads sooner than later – for their sake as much as for the team and the fans,” K.L. continued.

KL the Knife Returns?

In another league, when faced with a team that couldn’t get out of it’s own way, KL developed a reputation for cutting people at will and got “the Knife” as a moniker.

It seems that style may be returning given the nonsense still going on in Minas Morgul.

Rumored to be given their walking papers is grizzled veteran Megilion, once a KL favorite. The other is Liana Quietleaf, another former favorite.

“Both of these players have really fallen apart and Quietleaf wanted out anyway. Once Megilion started losing his eye, it’s time for him to go and Quietleaf hasn’t be able to keep a respectable average for years after a suddenly collapse, ” one analyst spoke, “But Hildebrand got out release after clearing waivers. K.L. just said no to her return.”

Get used to it.

“You all can’t keep your own house in order, so I’ll do it. The team is playing like trash anyway so we can’t get much worse as far as I’m concerned. If you’re gonna open your mouth negatively, you better at least be playing as well as Norcross is, ” K.L. commented.

The team also signed Rebo Pelham and there’s unnamed sources saying that the players are happy about it. Pelham should be joining the rotation for tomorrow’s games and maybe he help the young leaders sort things out and not feel frustrated themselves.

In what’s been one of the worst seasons in Slayers history, things will probably get more turbulent unless things start showing at least some sign of progress.

What has been really interesting is that the owner is happy about what’s going on. Perhaps he’s mostly happy seeing Reinhart getting full time ABs and doing very well, one of the few bright spots that the team will no doubt rebuild around.

Minas Morgul’s Norcross Chosen April’s Best in MC

Tuesday, May 1st, 2035
Despite the number of years she’s been in the league, Gwaebrylla Norcross still gets excited when she puts together a quality stretch like she had in April. The 28-year-old starter for Minas Morgul was named Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month earlier today.

She collected 5 wins and 1 loss with 45 strikeouts in his 6 starts, putting up a fine 1.37 ERA in 46 innings of work.

Minas Morgul’s Megilion Reaches 2000 Hits

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2035
Fareand Megilion started out as a baby-faced rookie many seasons ago. Yesterday at Capital One Stadium the Minas Morgul veteran joined the league’s 2000-hit club. Megilion achieved that milestone with a 1-for-4 day in the Slayers 4-3 win over the Numenor Kings.

He spoke to reporters in the clubhouse after the game and said, “Looking at the list of all the great players who have done this is humbling. It is a great honor to be among them.”

In his career Megilion has played in 2162 games with a .272 batting average. Among his 2000 hits are 413 doubles, 43 triples and 19 home runs. He also has scored 1100 runs and driven in 693 runs.