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*the Runner Belts Number 400

Thursday, May 7th, 2037
The Moria Miners defeated the Old Forest Merry Fellows 7-5 yesterday in a game that featured Farmak *the Runner’s 400th career home run.

In the clubhouse, the Miners catcher spoke about the milestone achievement. “To be honest, I don’t even remember my first home run,” he said. “But this one I don’t think I’ll forget. Who knows if I’ll hit another hundred, or fifty, or even ten?”

On his historic day, *the Runner banged out 2 hits in 4 at-bats and scored 1 run with 2 RBI.

In his career *the Runner has played in 1369 games with a .287 batting average. Among his 1485 hits are 185 doubles, 36 triples, and 400 home runs. He also has scored 903 runs, walked 591 times, has 82 stolen bases and driven in 1035 runs.

Minas Tirith Helpless Against Celadriendel

Friday, May 1st, 2037
Gandaugrin Celadriendel of the Moria Miners not only shut out Minas Tirith, 2-0, he made it look effortless. Celadriendel stopped them on 1 hit to help the Miners cruise past the Titans. His performance included 5 strikeouts and no walks.

Miners LF Cotton Gets the Cycle

Wednesday, April 29th, 2037
Daisy Cotton stole the headlines today, hitting for the cycle in the Moria Miners’ 8-7 win over the Bree Cheese.

“Well that was fun, huh?” she said, smiling, after the game.

Her 4 hits got the Miners offense going and her 2 RBI and 3 runs scored helped to seal the verdict.

Daisy Cotton hit a solo-shot off Kim Beläldur in the 2nd, doubled in the 4th, struck out in the 5th, tripled in the 7th and hit an RBI single in the 9th.

This season Cotton is swinging the bat at a .320 rate with 8 hits in 25 at-bats. To date she has hit 1 home run, scored 5 runs and driven in 3.

Veteran *the Runner Hits Three Dingers

Sunday, April 12th, 2037
His swing was a thing of beauty. Three times Farmak *the Runner swung the bat and three times he delivered a home run. It was an awesome sight to behold at Khazad-dum Stadium, but to no avail, for as good as he was, the Bywater Bounders were better.

The Moria Miners couldn’t capitalize on the big game from *the Runner and dropped the contest 8-5.

The mood in the Miners clubhouse afterward was subdued, with several players remarking that they had allowed the Bounders to spoil the day for *the Runner.

“Some of the boys are beating themselves up about it,” Moria manager Florar Arwima said. “They know we win as a team and lose as a team, but it’s hard to really put that idea into practice on a day when one of you was playing on such an obviously higher level.”

In addition to the homers, *the Runner collected 4 RBIs and scored 3 runs.

“I got three pitches down the pipe and popped them,” the Moria catcher told reporters. “Today I was in a groove. Tomorrow I could just pop the same pitches up and go 0-for-3.”

Farmak *the Runner was hit by a pitch in the 1st, hit a solo-shot off Arwuwyn Lomebrildur in the 3rd, hit a solo-shot off Arwuwyn Lomebrildur in the 5th and hit a two-run home run off Arwuwyn Lomebrildur in the 8th.

So far this season *the Runner is batting .348 with 3 home runs, 7 RBIs and 4 runs scored. He has 8 hits in 23 at-bats, 1 walk and a .423 OBP. *the Runner has played in 6 games.

Farmak *the Runner Endows Scholarships at Hometown College

Wednesday, February 11th, 2037
When it comes to making a long-lasting impact, the 33 year old catcher for the Moria Miners has it all figured out.

By recently endowing a scholarship at Orc Lands College, *the Runner helped make sure that future generations have similar opportunities to his.

“I felt a sense of obligation to do this, certainly,” said the Orc Lands-born *the Runner. “But it wasn’t ‘oh boy, another chore.’ It’s recognizing that not everyone is as fortunate as I am, and finding a way to help change that.”

Without prompting, Farmak *the Runner is the first to tell you that he had some lucky breaks throughout his life. His parents were able to support him with travel baseball, and he never had to worry about his equipment or his access to practice facilities.

“My parents, wow, they mean everything to me,” *the Runner explained. “They were there for every t-ball game. Every tryout. Every mid-week trip an hour each way to play a game. Every call-up, and every set-back at the professional level. I never had to worry when they were around.

“But I know that’s not a guarantee. To even think about attending college, or playing a sport, or learning a musical instrument, is a stretch for so many people.”

That is why, starting this fall, students can apply for the *the Runner Endowed Scholarship to help further their education or help off-set costs incurred while doing an internship or an apprenticeship.

“It’s a small gesture, but I know my parents would be proud to see their legacy carried on in this way,” he said. “I can’t wait to see what the next group of young adults can accomplish in life.”