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Erurbag Cleavergobber Donates Time and Money to Local Research Facility

Thursday, May 6th, 2038
In a news conference today, Rivendell reliever Erurbag Cleavergobber has pledged to donate one-tenth of his 2038 salary to the Middle Earth Magicks Society, an organization dedicated to research into magical healing.

“I don’t do it for the headlines; I do it for the patients and their families that are suffering through surgeries and treatment and recovery. Hopefully, one day, we can all find spells to take away all of that. I’m happy to contribute to that goal, knowing that my gold will be used for the greater good.”

Royals Lose Goodrich for 4 Months

Monday, April 19th, 2038
When Crystal Goodrich was hurt against the Minas Tirith Titans, the Rivendell Royals were hopeful that the injury was not serious. However, it proved to be more severe than first thought. The 34-year-old starting pitcher suffered shoulder inflammation throwing a pitch in yesterday’s game. Team doctors told BNN today that Goodrich would miss 4 months of the season.

Bad News for Rivendell, Gandealas Fáldur Hurt

Friday, April 16th, 2038
Gandealas Fáldur of the Rivendell Royals could be headed for the disabled list after suffering elbow inflammation in a game against the Bree Cheese. He is expected to miss at least 5-6 weeks. The Rivendell closer was injured throwing a pitch.

Royals-Titans Deal: Holyday for Goodrich

Monday, March 8th, 2038
In a move that has left many fans wondering, the Rivendell Royals have traded 31-year-old RHP Annun Elrailbo and 25-year-old RHP Tariyel Holyday to the Minas Tirith Titans. In return, the Royals receive 34-year-old LHP Crystal Goodrich.

Holyday’s career stats include a 20-14 record, 314.2 innings, 219 strikeouts, and a 4.58 ERA.

Lifetime Goodrich has a 119-71 won-lost record with a 3.35 ERA.

Rivendell, Minas Tirith Agree to Deal

Monday, March 8th, 2038
Both sides appear content with the trade finalized today that will send 29-year-old C Radiden Tunneldelver and 29-year-old minor league 1B Telseen Celadriendil to the Minas Tirith Titans, while the Rivendell Royals will receive 36-year-old RF Gamahir Eléwen.

“This is a move that filled a few gaps in our roster,” said Lord Elladan, Royals general manager.

For his part, the Titans GM said the trade was made “in the best interest of our organization’s future.” BNN analysts reported that on paper the trade seemed to be a plus for both ball clubs.

Lifetime Tunneldelver is hitting .263 with 393 hits, 51 home runs, 184 runs scored and 181 RBIs.

Eléwen currently has a career .277 batting average with 1064 hits, good for 65 home runs, 484 RBIs and 474 runs.