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Devils Heading to Two Towers Series

Saturday, October 15th, 2039
The Fellowship Series didn’t live up to the billing from those who thought it would be an all-out battle to the last game.

But the Dunharrow Devils are no doubt pleased by the results, as they have knocked out the Weathertop Witch Kings 4-1 to advance to the Two Towers Series.

“It doesn’t matter how you win it, as long as you win it and get yourself moving forward,” said Devils first baseman Asphodel Brockhouse. “I know a lot of people thought this was going to be a really tight series the whole way through, but we’re glad it didn’t go right down to the wire.”

Dunharrow won the final game by a score of 3-2 at Dunharrow Field.

Brockhouse was named series MVP after hitting .348 with a .348 on-base percentage. He also had 2 home runs, drove in 6 RBI and scored 3 runs.

The Dunharrow Devils don’t know who they will face in the next round. They will play the winner of the Dagorlad Disaster – Misty Mountain Hops series. Dagorlad leads the series 3 games to 1. The Two Towers Series schedule will be announced after the Fellowship Series finishes.

Devils Hammered by Gilmathien, Drop Game 4 to Witch Kings

On the verge of being swept and facing a red-hot Dunharrow Devils team, the Weathertop Witch Kings had a tough assignment. Vordor Gilmathien delivered.

The Witch Kings left fielder was unstoppable for the visitors, as he went 2 for 3 with a home run and 2 walks, while adding 3 RBI and scoring once in guiding his club to its first victory of the series, 6-4. Gilmathien, 30, was named player of the game for his efforts. The win means Weathertop now trails 3-1 in the best-of-7 series.

Marin Goldtearer helped his team jump on top from the get-go. His first time up in the top of the first, he cranked a 2-run double to give Weathertop a 2-0 lead.

“We lost,” Dunharrow manager Tika Dap said later. “We’ll deal with it. The series isn’t over.”

Game 5 is set to be played tomorrow at Dunharrow Field. Slated to start are Sorria Elrolinde Jr. for Weathertop and Lantai Lómebrildur for Dunharrow.

Thrice as Nice: Dunharrow Seizes 3-0 Advantage With Late Win

The Dunharrow Devils moved to within one game of the Two Towers Series today, downing the Weathertop Witch Kings 2-1 in a low-scoring, extra-inning affair at Dunharrow Field. Leading the way for the Devils was right-hander Todo Gilmore, who was named player of the game after he threw 6 innings of 4-hit ball. The win gives the Devils a 3-0 advantage in the best-of-7 Fellowship Series.

Late-game drama came in the bottom of the 12th inning. With one out and runners on 1st and 2nd, the batter, Betsy Elril-Gambor, hit a single. It helped Dunharrow seize the win.

“We did just enough to win,” Elril-Gambor said.

Game 4 is scheduled for tomorrow at Dunharrow Field. The scheduled starters for the game are Abguk Throatshaker for Weathertop and Eva Chiselarm for Dunharrow.

Facestomper Handcuffs Witch Kings, Devils Up 2-0

Behind the big arm of right-hander Gruudash Facestomper, the Dunharrow Devils have opened up a healthy early lead in the Fellowship Series. The Devils topped the Weathertop Witch Kings 2-0 at Amon Sul Stadium today in Game 2, and now hold a 2-0 edge in the best-of-7 series. Facestomper threw 8 innings of shutout ball to power Dunharrow to victory.

Facestomper allowed no runs over 8 innings. He also racked up 7 strikeouts.

“Gruudash was pounding the zone,” said Dunharrow manager Tika Dap.

Game 3 is set to be played Thursday at Dunharrow Field. The scheduled starters for the game are Ugbug Mandragger for Weathertop and Eva Chiselarm for Dunharrow.

Dunharrow Takes Series Lead in Low-Scoring Affair

Leave it to the veteran.

The Dunharrow Devils got a great start from 34-year-old left-hander Lantai Lómebrildur, who earned player of the game honors today as Dunharrow won the contest 3-1 at Amon Sul Stadium. Lómebrildur threw 7 innings allowing 1 run in the win, which allowed the Dunharrow to grab a 1-0 lead in the best-of-7 series.

Asphodel Brockhouse chipped in for Dunharrow with a 2-run home run in the top of the eighth. For the game, the first baseman had 2 hits in 4 at-bats with 1 home run, 1 single, 1 run scored, and 2 RBI.

“It was a good day but I’m not letting my guard down,” Brockhouse said. “I’ll let my guard down as soon as someone puts a big, fat championship ring on my finger.”

The next game is set to be played tomorrow at Amon Sul Stadium. Slated to start are Eva Chiselarm for the Dunharrow Devils and Bluzhkrut Humancrawler for the the Weathertop Witch Kings.

Weathertop Narrowly Wins Mordor Conference Goblin Division

Monday, October 3rd, 2039
The pennant has been won, the Weathertop Witch Kings are champions of the Mordor Conference Goblin Division.

Closer Mereahil Fithraldor said his team is a “gritty and determined” club that were poised to win the division from day one.

“We knew the day the season opened that we’d be champions,” he said. “It was just a matter of going out there and doing it.”

At the helm, team manager Golliamer Dikefinger said his club is certainly not short on confidence.

“There’s a lot of belief in the dugout and in the clubhouse,” he said.

Weathertop’s record currently sits at 86-76 and it’s the 3rd division win for the franchise.

Playoff Bound: Weathertop Secures Wild Card

Friday, September 30th, 2039
Weathertop Witch Kings fans can start thinking about buying playoff tickets, as the club has clinched a postseason berth.

The Mordor Conference Goblin Division is not yet officially won, but regardless, Weathertop will have the opportunity to vie for the Return of the King Series.

“We’re in and that’s the main thing. It’s now time to lock up that division title,” said manager Golliamer Dikefinger.

Week’s Top Player: Weathertop’s Eäril-Gambor

Monday, August 22nd, 2039
His critics are starting to suggest that Weathertop’s Arilas Eäril-Gambor doesn’t have much left, but the 35-year-old Eäril-Gambor prefers not to think that way. He cooked up a remarkable week in the last seven days, topping it off with the Player of the Week Award in the Mordor Conference.

The veteran center fielder for the Witch Kings rolled to a .520 average (13-for-25) with 1 home run and 3 RBIs.

Eäril-Gambor is batting .309 this year with 9 home runs, 33 RBIs and 53 runs scored. He has 124 hits in 401 at-bats.

Eäril-Gambor Swings for the Cycle

Sunday, August 21st, 2039
Today at Amon Sul Stadium Arilas Eäril-Gambor tore up Hops pitching, but the Witch Kings still came up empty. Misty Mountain whipped them 13-9, despite his best efforts. The Weathertop center fielder hit for the cycle with a 5-for-6 day and collected 3 runs batted in and scored 2 runs — but to no avail — his team lost the game anyway.

Arilas Eäril-Gambor grounded out in the 1st, tripled in the 3rd, hit a two-run home run off Dudo Brownlock in the 6th, hit an RBI double in the 7th, singled in the 9th, walked in the 11th and singled in the 13th.

This year Eäril-Gambor is batting .309 with 9 home runs and 33 RBIs.

Amadriembor Silborn Lost for Season

Thursday, August 18th, 2039
Amadriembor Silborn of the Witch Kings just might have to call it quits for the season. The 32-year-old Weathertop third baseman received a possible season-ending injury against the Isengard Raiders recently at Orthanc Stadium. Silborn suffered a torn posterior cruciate ligament while running the bases. The Witch Kings medical staff said he could be out quite some time, as much as 10 months.

Silborn is batting .294 this season in 63 games with 5 home runs, 14 RBIs and 22 runs scored. He has 48 hits in 163 at-bats.