Veteran Whistler, Mirkwood Complete Deal

Tuesday, December 28th, 2038
Ediberto Whistler might be in the twilight of his career, but he is not going to leave the stage before the final act. Today the 36-year-old scribbled his signature on a $8,375,000-a-year deal with the Sylvan.

Some fans openly questioned the signing, saying they would prefer the club use its resources on younger talent.

Reviewing his career stats, Whistler has worked 2823.2 innings with 2397 strikeouts en route to a 181-123 record. The 36-year-old also has a 3.50 ERA.

$87,900,000 Lands CF Footthrower for Archers

Monday, December 27th, 2038
Feedback was positive in Lake Town today as the club announced an agreement with center fielder Prignash Footthrower, one of the league’s marquee players.

During his career Footthrower has hit for a .286 average and totaled 929 hits, 59 home runs and 303 RBIs.

Lake Town Wins CL Gadrienduil Sweepstakes

Tuesday, December 21st, 2038
Surprising some observers, the Lake Town Archers announced the signing of 35-year-old Thubis Gadrienduil today. The contract runs for 3 years and is valued at $37,800,000.

Gadrienduil was described as an “elder statesman” by club officials and former teammates, who apparently expect him to contribute as much in the clubhouse as he does on the field.

In 560 games in his career, Gadrienduil has a record of 42-41 with 461 strikeouts and a 2.80 ERA. He has earned 230 saves.

Misty Mountain Fired up over Signing of CL Cavernshaker

Monday, December 20th, 2038
The Misty Mountain front office announced the signing of Bogak Cavernshaker today as the team’s new closer. The 30-year-old came to terms with the Hops and will be hauling in $14,100,000 a year over 1 year.

So far in his career Cavernshaker has nailed down 63 saves and held opposing hitters to a .235 batting average with 351 strikeouts and 146 walks in 355 innings. In 324 games he has a 32-23 record and a 2.64 ERA.

Superstar Goblinmaster Signs with Minas Tirith

Monday, December 20th, 2038
Team insiders were tight-lipped prior to today’s deal that brought 28-year-old starting pitcher Eruushnak Goblinmaster to Minas Tirith.

Goblinmaster is considered one of the league’s A-list players and certainly will enhance any chances the Titans have to win a playoff spot this year.

In his career Goblinmaster has fashioned a 98-59 mark, 2.80 ERA and thrown 1502.1 innings. Opposing clubs are batting .198 lifetime against him and he has logged 2029 career strikeouts.

Weathertop Wins Lottery for CL Fistslammer

Monday, December 20th, 2038
Aruden Fistslammer took the Witch Kings up on their lucrative $11,700,000 deal today, ending speculation on which baseball metropolis he would call home next year.

But the signing came at too high a price, say longtime fans who think the club is too focused on players whose prime years have passed them by.

Fistslammer has put up a career 3.30 ERA and has 25 saves to his credit. He has crafted a 148-88 won-lost mark with 2197 strikeouts.

Dagorlad, Veteran Hill Sign Deal

Sunday, December 5th, 2038
Team officials were upbeat today as Rebo Hill signed an extension with the Disaster. He’ll be calling Dagorlad home for the next 2 years and will earn $12,600,000 in salary by the end of the contract. The Disaster GM said, “We’re excited to know he’ll be part of this team going forward. This is a good day for him, and we believe it makes the future for us better.”

In his career the 33-year-old Hill has put up a 3.32 ERA and a 82-70 mark.

#1 Skipper in MC: Eoweriand of Dagorlad

Wednesday, December 1st, 2038
Dagorlad manager Gameodriel Eoweriand caused quite a stir when he came to town. Noted for his feisty, no-nonsense attitude, Eoweriand threw his all into the 2038 campaign, winning over critics and fans as he went. He also won a few ballgames, running up a 88-74 record, which was good enough to take the first place spot in the Mordor Conference Troll Division standings.

“These guys are grown men. They don’t need psychobabble, they need to win ballgames,” Eoweriand snapped at his first press conference. While his approach was controversial, even for Dagorlad, it netted the 57-year-old the Mordor Conference Manager of the Year trophy. In response to which he replied, “It ain’t molecular physics, it’s baseball,” and began discussing potential free agents with the local media.

Banks Takes Top SC Manager Honors

Wednesday, December 1st, 2038
The Carrock Bears coaching staff broke out the bubbly when Manager Longo Banks was announced as 2038 Shire Conference Manager of the Year.

He skippered the Bears to a 98-64 record this year and a first place finish in the Shire Conference Dwarf Division.

To a man, they all agreed that their boss was most deserving of the award. All had glowing words to say about this year’s winning manager.

“He just has a way with people. Coaches and players alike love him.”

Pennypacker is MC Most Valuable Player

Saturday, November 27th, 2038
Pitchers don’t usually win the MVP, but this year’s Mordor Conference winner is Estella Pennypacker of the Grey Havens Stars. She wasn’t a 20-game winner, and she didn’t toss a no-hitter, but Pennypacker (13-9) lead the MC with a 1.71 ERA and a miniscule 0.87 WHIP. She also fanned 253 batters and kept the Stars alive for their playoff journey.

This is Pennypacker’s first MVP award. Earlier, she won this year’s MC Gandalf Pitcher Award, her second, the first coming in 2036.

Forerunner *Baggins of Ravenhill finished 2nd in the voting. His teammate, Isabelle Delmonte, was 3rd.