September 21, 2003

Brave New World

AUTHOR: Aldous Huxley
ISBN: 0060929871
Plot Summary: "Community, Identity, Stability" That is the motto for Huxley's future utopia. Pain is drugged out of existence. Babies are born to specification in test tubes. Everything is perfect...and perfectly dull...This novel from 1931 predicts much technology that our society struggles with today.
Complaints: Drugs, sex
Challenged as required reading in the Corona-Norco, Calif. Unified School District (1993) because it is "centered around negative activity." Removed from classroom, Miller, Missouri, 1980. Challenged frequently throughout the U.S.
Solonor Says Ban It Because: It hits way too close to home. (Plus, it's hard to read!)
Aldous Huxley: Brave New World

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