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Two! Two! Two great geeky pursuits that go great together. Combine your love of the Lord of the Rings with your passion for baseball. Check out the SGCBL!

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If you just can't get enough baseball news and opinion, head over to Baseball News Blog. There are links to news sites, media outlets and enough team-specific blogs to satisfy even the most rabid fan.

Today in Baseball History

Baseball Primer presents its Daily Hits

Every day, you can see what happened on this date in baseball history by clicking here! You can even make suggestions for future Daily Hits articles.

Baseball Cards, 1887-1914

A Collection from the Library of Congress

Check out the pictorial collection of baseball cards from the early, early days...back when they came on cigarettes, not bubble gum!

Baseball Cards, 1887-1914

Radical Realignment

How the leagues should be organized.

It came as a complete shock when I heard that MLB was considering the elimination of the Minnesota Twins. Minnesota was not the original home of the Washington Senators (obviously), but as it descended from that team, it arguably remains one of the original American League franchises. Montreal? OK, I'll buy that. Florida? Who cares? But Minnesota?

Anyway, we began thinking about the screwy way the divisions are aligned now. More teams in the AL than the NL--even though there is an evenly divisible number of teams. Only four teams in the AL West, while there are six in the NL Central... So, assuming expansion (this exercise was done last year, before it went from "we need more teams" to "who can we axe"), here is our proposal for the future of the Major Leagues.

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