You sunk my battleship! You bastid!

Too bad you can't play Battleships - General Quarters against a live human, but at least you don't have to clean up all those little plastic pegs!


The best use of Flash I have ever seen!

Flash is a tool that can be used for good or for evil. In this case, it's both. Mini-Putt is a miniature golf game done in Flash that is so simple (and so addictive) that it qualifies as the best Flash I know and one of the worst time-sappers out there!

More Flash Games

After I posted this link, Sgt. Grump forwarded me this list of web games! No sleep for any of us, now. CableMan was up till 2am playing Mini-Putt!

Specific games:
Fling the Cow
Water Balloons
Scorched Earth
Slot Cars (Italian)

Assorted games:

Survival Tactics in MOHAA by Sgt. Grump

Words of wisdom from our resident grognard.
  1. Be patient. Stay behind beach obstacles until the enemy moves to another target. Then run like hell for the next closest obstacle.
  2. Follow another soldier; he may kindly stop some bullets for you.
  3. Although you can run faster standing up, you present a smaller target "running" while crouching.
  4. If you see some bangalore torpedoes laying on the beach, pick them up on your way in. Otherwise some *ssh*le captain will order you back into the killing zone to get them and bring them back. (Isn't that what privates are for?)
  5. Getting into a duel with two machine gun nests that have you in a crossfire is A Bad IdeaTM; you ALWAYS run out of ammo before they do.
  6. NEVER lead the way across a minefield; follow two sacrifices--er, enlisted men--instead.
  7. Snipers exist. And so do their buddies.
  8. NEVER ASSUME that just because you cleared a building, that it will remain cleared.
  9. If you are lucky enough to get a guy or two (or three) for your 'squad', don't expect them to last very long: They aren't as cautious as you are. (I think they've watched too many John Wayne movies...)
  10. Going head-to-head with a Tiger tank is Another Bad IdeaTM.
  11. A stone wall is NOT sufficient protection from a Tiger tank; TWO stone walls are only dubious protection from a Tiger tank.
  12. Where there's a tank, there's also infantry close by.
  13. Having to fight your way to an objective while your own aircraft and artillery are bombing and shelling it is Not FunTM. Even though you can take cover in the craters, the concussion bounces you into the air and either injures you, exposes you to the enemy, or both.
I LOVE THIS GAME! It's just like Combat!

Oh, yeah: And I forgot one thing: When you see that a Tiger tank is aiming at you- RUN AWAY!!!

A Wide World of Gaming

RPG to PC to PS2

I have played paper and dice RPG's for 20 years (first Dungeons, then GURPS). I have been nuts about PC games since I first got a TI/4A (the 4A meant it had a whopping 4K of RAM, I believe). Since I've got kids, I was forced to buy the usual assortment of devices over the years (Gameboy, SuperNintendo, PS1, PS2...etc.), so I have that thang going too. ::sigh:: sucks to be me, eh? :)

Anyway, check out these links to my favorite games:

Dungeons & Dragons - Now owned by Wizards of the Coast (I won't miss TSR much)

GURPS - The "Generic Universal Roleplaying System" by Steve Jackson Games

Illuminati - While you're at SJG, check out Illuminati. It's hilarious!

High Heat Baseball - The best PC baseball game. Period.

Star Fleet Battles - Naval combat in space, using Star Trek as a basis. It's a classic board war game.

Star Fleet Command - The PC version of Star Fleet Battles.

I also love The Sims, Civilization, StarCraft, and on and on...more to come. Check out the forums for gaming discussions.

Alphabet Synthesis Machine

Create an alphabet to go with your made-up language.

No longer will you have to be content with what the lost tribe of Guavaland says--now you can show people how they write! This is actually intended to be an online artwork, created by Golan Levin with Jonathan Feinberg and Cassidy Curtis. The Alphabet Synthesis Machine allows you to create and evolve the possible writing systems of your own imaginary civilizations. The alphabets produced by the Machine can be downloaded as PC-format TrueType fonts. Too cool. Or should I say:

Too Cool

Incredible Rubber Band Machine Gun

Be'll poke an eye out with those things!

Just the thing for those office parties! This is no joke. You can really buy one of these beauties (for $395) at

I have seen these things in the mall, now!

Game Links

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