Geeks of the World Untie!

Can you really measure it?

I was going to come up with my own "Geek-O-Meter" and I still may. But here are a few of the existing attempts to measure that ineffable quality--geekiness. And, no, I haven't taken any of these...I am confident in my geekiness.

KnowZone Geek-O-Meter
LUGOD Geek-O-Meter
Geek Purity Test
Nerd Purity Test
Purdue Nerdity Test
The Official Nerdity Test
The Geek Test

Geek or Nerd? Dweeb or Dork? What the dictionary says.

A lot of us throw around terminology like "geek" and "nerd" without really knowing the precise definitions. This is important stuff! I mean, if Bill Gates is the world's richest geek, can he also be its biggest nerd? Is there such cross-contamination of the gene pool? Better still, if a geek and a nerd breed, do their children become geeks or nerds? Neeks? At least we should start with proper definitions...

Geek: probably from the German geck or "fool". Originating about 1914, according to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. The primary definition is that of a carnival performer whose act usually involved biting the heads off live chickens...eww...might be re-thinking that badge of honor...

Nerd: perhaps from nerd, a creature in Dr. Seuss' "If I Ran the Zoo" (1950). This one's more like it. The definition is that of an unstylish, unattractive, socially inept person--especially one slavishly devoted to intellectual pursuits.

Dweeb: according to Webster, this one's from 1983! A dweeb is slang for an unattractive, insignificant or inept person. Definitely don't like that one.

Dork: let's move along, shall we? This one's just a 1967-ish modification of the word dick. My son was right on that one.

Spaz: short form of spastic from around 1965.


Patch one hole in XP now!

Gibson Research has released a GUI utility to remove the security hole in XP, if you don't like mucking about and deleting files yourself and you cannot install the Service Pack right away.

XPdite - Quickly replace a dangerous Windows XP file

An tInneal Mallachtai

The Curse Engine

Ever search for just the right phrase...that certain something that says, "Back off jerk-wad, I've had a real bad decade!"? Look to the Gaelic Curse Engine for help.

Sample: 'Go scriosa scata Fomhórach ólta do thóin bheagmhaitheasach.'
Means: 'May a pack of drunken Fomorians destroy your worthless butt.'
It even gives you the phonetic spelling!

Laws of Computing

It's not just right. It's the law!

Everyone and his mother's uncle has come up with their own rules and truisms when it comes to computing. Mine are on the way. For now, just check these out:

30 Days (And Nights)

How 30 days to an accessible weblog changed my life.

Mark Pilgrim's blog--dive into mark--focused on making weblogs usable by people with disabilities. At first, I ignored his advice. "That's too hard. Anyway, it shows up fine in IE." But I soon realized that the entire site could use a good scrubbing, hopefully coming out the other side clean and XHTML and Government approved!

Now, that's a beer cooler!


What does a Kiwi do when he can't fit his beer cooler into an MG? Invents a Jet-Powered Beer Cooler, of course!

XiaoXiao--The Art of Stick Fu

Matrix-schmatrix! This guy kicks arse!

You have to watch the Flash series called XiaoXiao. Stick figure kung fu with a Matrix, it's darn funny! Check out XiaoXiao. Oh, and this is not gonna be fun for the dial-up crowd...sorry.

New Name, Same Old Face

Bodo Proudneck welcomes you to the Groovy Grove!

Tired of that same old moniker your parents stuck you with? Try these on for size:

The Hobbit Name Generator (Solonor Rasreth = Bobo Proudneck of Longbottom)
Star Wars Name Converter (Solonor Rasreth = Rasso Roban)
What's My Pirate Name? (Solonor = Black Roger Kidd...arrr!)

Binary Encoder/Decoder


This is too cool--a text-to-binary encoder/decoder. Enter text, press a button, and out pops machine language. Now, you can get a date with that hot robot you've had your eye on...

Google Wars

Find answers to age-old questions

Which is better butter or Parkay? (butter) Wrong or right? (right) Jerry Lewis or Jerry Lee Lewis? (Jerry Lewis) Now you can find out the answer yourself with Googlefight. Just type in the two combatants, press a button, and voila! We should start solving all conflict this way. George W. Bush vs. Saddam Hussein? (Bush wins! America is saved!)

Advisory: Don't Get Slashdotted Yourself

Thanks to bobdenhardt on slashdot

CERN Advisory: D/.DOS Attack


The CERN/CC has received reports of a new web DOS attack, called the Distributed Slashdot Denial Of Service attack. Rather than depending on exploits readily found in certain HTTP servers, this attack utilizes social engineering to bring down sites that appeal to the technically savvy. Within minutes of the target site's URL being posted on a publicly accessible web site [], the target site is bombarded with connection requests. This can result in the complete blocking of even the most robust web farms.


Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches

Need I say more?

This is an old site in Internet terms (it has not been updated since 1994), but it's still out there, providing crucial scientific data to Pop-TartTM experimenters worldwide. Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches

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