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Thursday, June 15th, 2028
Released CF Rintarou Luthor.
RF Rintarou Luthor got drafted by the Bywater Bounders in the expansion draft.
Released LF Gamahir Areolas.
LF Gamahir Areolas got drafted by the Dunharrow Devils in the expansion draft.
Released 1B Gollilm Thrioldur.
1B Gollilm Thrioldur got drafted by the Minas Tirith Titans in the expansion draft.
Released SP Velomiel Anándel.
SP Velomiel Anándel got drafted by the Misty Mountain Hops in the expansion draft.
Released RF Amaran Isüril.
LF Amaran Isüril got drafted by the Bree Cheese in the expansion draft.
Released 3B Ralok Anvilrender.
3B Ralok Anvilrender got drafted by the Ravenhill Darkwings in the expansion draft.
SP Fay Overturf joins the team.
Monday, June 21st, 2027
SP Gruulak Brainstomper joins the team.
LF Nrodarag Tetsuya joins the team.
SP Gromgob Gnomechewer joins the team.
SP Grurk the Plunderer joins the team.
LF Porto Knotwise joins the team.
SP Gaidur Oreshaker, Jr joins the team.
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