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Thursday, June 15th, 2028
Released 1B Lanai Badgermangler.
1B Lanai Badgermangler got drafted by the Numenor Kings in the expansion draft.
Released CF Mimosa Bramble.
CF Mimosa Bramble got drafted by the Carrock Bears in the expansion draft.
Released SP Odovacar Hedgeworth.
MR Odovacar Hedgeworth got drafted by the Isengard Raiders in the expansion draft.
Released SP Celilthor Isüril.
SP Celilthor Isüril got drafted by the Lothlorien Lumberjacks in the expansion draft.
Released MR Ollla Tindomieon.
SP Ollla Tindomieon got drafted by the Rivendell Royals in the expansion draft.
MR James Middlebrook joins the team.
Monday, June 21st, 2027
Released 2B Diaalia Eowar.
Signed General Manager Samwise Millstone to a 3-year contract extension.
Signed Bench Coach Moisil Orccrusher to a 2-year contract extension.
SP Gaman Elarandel joins the team.
RF Isumbras Mugworts joins the team.
SP Erudush Rethiel joins the team.
SP Zula Nararion joins the team.
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