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Thursday, June 15th, 2023
Released RF Biaron Galulinde.
RF Biaron Galulinde got drafted by the Mirkwood Marauders.
Released SP Peregrin Green.
SP Peregrin Green got drafted by the Carrock Bears.
Released C Nifur Ghoulcrusher.
C Nifur Ghoulcrusher got drafted by the Misty Mountain Hops.
Released 2B Rosil Trollhead.
2B Rosil Trollhead got drafted by the Misty Mountain Hops.
Released 1B Gorbadoc Bracegirdle.
1B Gorbadoc Bracegirdle got drafted by the Grey Havens Stars.
Released CF Elanor Hermitcrab.
CF Elanor Hermitcrab got drafted by the Minas Morgul Slayers.
Released 3B Abbas Cheesegrater.
3B Abbas Cheesegrater got drafted by the Dol Guldur Dragons.
Released CL Woprak Toothbelly.
CL Woprak Toothbelly got drafted by the Lake Town Archers.
Released SP Rhod Rethiel.
SP Rhod Rethiel got drafted by the Minas Tirith Titans.
C Pimpernel Dogwood joins the team.
CF Sotok Elvorion joins the team.
CF Ultok Alonso joins the team.
CF Iseahil Lomambor joins the team.
Wednesday, July 6th, 2022
Signed general manager Legeden Hisiliel.
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022
Signed Bench Coach Phanseen Calafalas to a 2-year contract extension.
1B Meriamli Oathbearer joins the team.
CL Celeadoc Celuriand joins the team.
SP Elast Marmolejo joins the team.
SS Graiborn The Crippler joins the team.
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