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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024
Signed bench coach Jacky Lomäldor.
Wednesday, June 12th, 2024
Released RF Kristy Muddyfoot.
Released SP Biggles the Channel Surfer.
Released 1B Progush the Slobberer.
Released 3B Rafael of West Gondor.
Released MR Silus Thrilmaldur.
MA Godush the Atrocious retires.
Signed Pitching Coach Betsie Millstone to a 3-year contract extension.
Signed Hitting Coach Lura Galindil to a 1-year contract extension.
Signed Team Trainer Gamialbo Belan to a 3-year contract extension.
RF Lelin Ringbiter joins the team.
2B Voirin Ringworker joins the team.
SP Gamiadur Nünd joins the team.
SP Gruudash the Squasher joins the team.
3B Marcho Bolger joins the team.
2B Evet Sathi joins the team.
RF Mauricio Elilmalind joins the team.
2B Moraigol Longshan joins the team.
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