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Tuesday, June 25th, 2024
Signed team doctor Elrugol Elfplate.
Wednesday, June 12th, 2024
Released SP Breanna the Pitt.
Released LF Tyson Eärölas.
Released 3B Bawb Ettincrawler.
Released 1B Gorbulas Dap.
Released 3B Cugdush the Stutterer.
Released RF Aldagrim Ploughman.
Released CF Wilibald Dogwood.
Released SS James Fields.
Signed General Manager Gamegast Eowelith to a 1-year contract extension.
Signed Manager Mirugast Koboldr to a 1-year contract extension.
Team Trainer Fareand Elendil leaves the team, his contract was not renewed.
CL Hurin Tunnelworker joins the team.
MR Bombur Cavernbreaker joins the team.
1B Myrtai Eiaron joins the team.
1B Isiawyn Nithrandel joins the team.
1B Ginnette Mugworts joins the team.
RF Reaver Tunnelbreaker joins the team.
RF Tavseen Falathion joins the team.
CF Drogo Moss joins the team.
MR Tognar Goldanvil joins the team.
CF Ak Elvebrind joins the team.
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