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Saturday, June 27th, 2026
Signed team doctor Baldrick Belliarm.
Monday, June 15th, 2026
SP Dejaria Legàndil joins the team.
Thursday, June 11th, 2026
Released SP Kingsfriend of Rivendell.
Released SP Erorbag Trollgobbler.
Released MR Praj Felps.
Released SP Begrin Knotwise.
Released 1B Wuulak Belarà.
Released LF Seaborn The Sling.
Released LF Thuvbis Belámir.
Released CF Ferdinand Cotton.
Released LF Prashnak Armcrawler.
Released RF Gollilnd Galawyn.
Released LF Mereahil Velom.
Released MR Duunk Handthrower.
Released CL Lihbanh Desouza.
DO Seymour Fàwyn retires.
Manager Minai Bugsmasher leaves the team, his contract was not renewed.
Appointed Bench Coach Grimthak the Crippler to be the new manager of the team.
SP Phaitai Elrembor joins the team.
SP Beama Elvóldur joins the team.
SP Samwise Bunce joins the team.
SP Galuhir Elóldor joins the team.
1B Pruuggek Gnomebasher joins the team.
CF Rasman Noriand joins the team.
LF Carly Boffin joins the team.
LF Buudush Dryadgobber joins the team.
CF Milo Greenthumb joins the team.
LF Grurk Legslobberer joins the team.
SS Voisil Earthcrusher joins the team.
SP Frart Humanwalker joins the team.
SP Dejahja Anándel joins the team.
SP Gandeagast Lomembor joins the team.
LF Odovacar Fields joins the team.
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