Number 2000 for *Hamrh
Monday, April 15th, 2041
Mirkwood's DeForest *Hamrh got the standing ovation -- but the Old Forest Merry Fellows got the win.

It was a special day for him at Shire Greens Stadium. A day when *Hamrh notched hit #2000 of his career. The fans went wild when he did. Even the Merry Fellows fans applauded.

The Sylvan catcher went 2-for-3 in a losing cause as Old Forest spoiled the party with the 7-5 victory.

In the postgame interview, a downhearted *Hamrh told the media, "We lost -- It's not about individual accomplishments -- we lost."

When pressed further, he admitted his pride in reaching the 2000-hit mark, "A lot of great players never get there. I'm proud, but I would be happier if we had won."

*Hamrh is batting .384 with 2001 career base hits, including 235 doubles, 34 triples and 215 home runs with 838 RBIs and 927 runs scored. He has played in 1385 games, stolen 248 bases and compiled a .463 OBP.

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