Hellmich Belts Bunch of Base Hits
Tuesday, September 8th , 2043
A jubilant Fabrice Hellmich joined the postgame press conference at Uruk-hai Field today to offer some unusual words of encouragement -- for the Dead Marshes Uruk-hai pitching staff he had just vanquished.

"It may not have looked like it," said the Dunharrow Devils center fielder, "but I saw some awful good pitches today. If luck hadn't been on my side it might have turned out a lot different."

That would not have been the conclusion of anyone who saw his dominant 5-for-6 hitting performance, which led the Devils to a 14-11 win.

"He made it look easy," said Mikee the German, manager of the Uruk-hai. "We never figured out what to do with him. Obviously."

Fabrice Hellmich doubled in the 1st, hit an RBI single in the 2nd, singled in the 4th, hit an RBI double in the 5th, flied out in the 7th and hit a three-run home run off Gumburz Mogan in the 9th.

So far this year Hellmich is batting .316 with 6 home runs, 79 RBIs and 95 runs scored.

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