Mirkwood Sends Olesen to Star Fleet Academy
Monday, March 2nd, 2043
The Mirkwood Sylvan have finalized a deal that will send 28-year old RHP Cuurt Olesen, 19-year old minor league LHP Grambub Armcrawler, and 21-year old minor league C Thrugha Mogan to Star Fleet Academy for 23-year old minor league CF Milo Baneguard. Minor details still need to be worked out before the trade becomes official, but the players involved are expected to be with their new clubs soon.
Gallifrey-Ravenhill Announce Deal
Sunday, March 1st, 2043
The Gallifrey Time Lords and Ravenhill Darkwings have put the finishing touches on a deal that was weeks in the making. Gallifrey will part with 30-year old CF Kate Pennypacker, while the Darkwings have dealt 21-year old minor league RF Pjerin Myles and 23-year old minor league RHP Grobdub the Tearer.

"This one took a while to figure out," said Gallifrey general manager Phaiar Elrémbor. "We must have gone back to the drawing board five or six times over the past few weeks. I'm glad we finally got the deal done. I think it is a good one for both clubs."
Rkig Arnould's Album Tops Charts
Sunday, February 15th, 2043
Rkig Arnould appears to have a bright future in music when he decides to hang up the spikes.

The Karak Kadrin Slayers reliever recently released a jazz album and sales are brisk across the country, with the self-titled released currently at the top of the charts.

"This is better than I ever expected it to do," he said. "I always thought I had talent but never figured people would be so into it."

For their part, Arnould's teammates seem to be taking his success in stride.

"I hope I can get him to sign a copy of the album for me this season," quipped Tagnash Dracoseir.

The new music star said he's happy with the success, but for now his focus will remain on baseball.

"I'm overjoyed that I did this and it's something I'll likely get back into once I retire, but I'm still a baseball player," he said.
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