Bears, Fireflies Make Deal
Monday, February 26th , 2046
A trade between Carrock and Serenity Valley was made official this morning. The Bears have sent 23-year old RHP Rod Peisahovich and 19-year old minor league SS Volak Pinyochón to the Fireflies in exchange for 21-year old minor league RHP Chomylla Arwidur.
Bounders, Munchkins Confirm Trade
Monday, February 19th , 2046
BNN is reporting a rumored trade between the Bywater Bounders and Land of Oz Munchkins has been finalized. The deal, which is expected to be announced sometime during the next few hours, will reportedly send 25-year old minor league RHP Slobodan Elvawen to Land of Oz in return for 30-year old RHP Bolgag Ogredragger. The clubs were noncommittal on the trade, but did not deny it.

During his career, Elvawen has a 3-2 record. He has 64 strikeouts in 78.1 innings and has made 46 appearances, picking up 1 saves and posting a 6.78 ERA.

Over his career Ogredragger has 143 saves with a 27-45 record and a 3.25 ERA.
Merry Fellows, Centaurs Make Deal
Monday, February 19th , 2046
In an effort to add some depth to its roster, the Old Forest Merry Fellows have swapped 30-year old RHP Asko Fern, 28-year old LHP Gaetano Sowell, and 24-year old minor league LHP Puorlaas Nightmeadow to the Xanth Centaurs for 26-year old RHP Sudeep Blunt. The Merry Fellows GM told reporters, "We saw a chance to upgrade our ball club and took it."

Old Forest will retain a portion of Fern's remaining contract.

Sowell has a lifetime record of 56 wins and 41 losses and a 4.60 ERA.
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