Thursday, March 1st , 2046
Belegost Destroyers: Sold the contract of CF Snodhagh Shinsnapper to the Narnia Badgers.
Thursday, February 15th , 2046
Tirion Navigators: Activated RP Ruzrat the Atrocious from the injured list.
Wednesday, January 31st , 2046
Imlad Morgul Night Hawks: Sold the contract of C Devi Torlak to the Babylon Five Rangers.
Tuesday, January 30th , 2046
Edoras Rail Cats: Sold the contract of 3B Elbauthin Geolas to the Intergalactic Hitchhikers.
The Imlad Morgul Night Hawks traded 17-year old RHP Gruzg Bugbearshaker and 17-year old LHP Jung-sik Podzolko to the Dunharrow Devils, getting 31-year old C Devi Torlak (retaining 90%) and 22-year old minor league 2B Orbog Espadanal in return.
Thursday, January 11th , 2046
The Nurn Blue Jays traded 24-year old RHP Merimac Bell to the Xanth Centaurs, getting 35-year old LF Vridash the Masher (retaining 65%) in return.
Monday, November 28th , 2022 - OOTP Baseball 23.9 Build 102