Tuesday, June 25th, 2041
Released RP Sudbagh Nosethrower.
Released 1B Bugug Toothchewer.
2B Kellen Cengo joins the team.
RF Séonais Shaeremae joins the team.
RP Rod Peisahovich joins the team.
Saturday, June 15th, 2041
Released SP Kipchoge Bridger.
Released SP Throbin Bursill.
Released SP Gagik Ragheb.
Released SP Ghabgu Hammerscarer.
Released SP Kyung-jin Auglathla.
Released RP Reehan Lambeth.
Released RP Nienor Maerdrym.
Released RP Mosin Mudruffin.
Released 3B Mantissa Hedgeworth.
SP Isalia Gutiérras joins the team.
SP Shkumbin Long Cleve joins the team.
SP Mothrys Yridnae joins the team.
SP Illianaro Mujardin joins the team.
RP Prugash the Devastator joins the team.
RP Ünyay Goodrich joins the team.
CF Syviis Sankaranarayanan joins the team.
Tuesday, January 1st, 2041
Released 1B Chalsarda Isadriel.
Monday, June 1st, 2020 - OOTP Baseball 20.8 Build 74