Position Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Catchers Kozguul the Heart-wrenched 18th Kozguul the Heart-wrenched 23rd 23rd
First Basemen Nagnath Ballscarer Tied for 20th Nagnath Ballscarer 22nd 23rd
Second Basemen Creedon Janin Tied for 13th Creedon Janin 18th 21st
Third Basemen Hildifons Perom 11th Hildifons Perom 2nd 7th
Shortstops Lily Moss Tied for 8th Lily Moss Tied for 2nd Tied for 3rd
Left Fielders Roilin Cleverhelm 2nd Bhuper Gallrza Tied for 7th 2nd
Center Fielders Thrubdak Headgobber 12th Thrubdak Headgobber Tied for 3rd 10th
Right Fielders Mugguk Throatscarer Tied for 13th Mugguk Throatscarer Tied for 21st Tied for 21st
Starting Pitchers Shafi the Naughty 16th Arsa Courteney 12th Tied for 16th
Relievers Ysabrylla Borja Tied for 1st Jammu the Ripper 14th 14th
Closers Ysabrylla Borja Tied for 1st Drulg Heartmasher 20th 20th
Monday, September 21st, 2020 - OOTP Baseball 21.5 Build 76